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Abortion Speaker’s Stance is Impractical

Abortion. Regardless of your opinions on the matter, you cannot escape the immense controversy it stirs up in the worlds of priests and politicians alike. Lately, the already problematic topic has made its way from the newsroom to congress and even to our campus.

Ohio legislature is set to unveil a law that will prohibit abortions beyond 18 days post conception. It will be called the “Heart Beat” bill in reference to the fact a heartbeat can be detected in a fetus 18 days after conception. While conservatives are thrilled about this actually unconstitutional law, many political analysists say that it will never be fully passed by congress.

This law plays on the morality issue abortion clearly poses and comes at a time where many are outraged over a Philadelphia abortion mill practicing late-term abortions on a daily basis.

The process used by this facility involved breaking of the fetus’s spine in order to terminate the pregnancy. Some of these abortions were performed on babies who were nearly full term and had no life threatening illnesses, according to the attorney general.

Although these practices are shocking, it begs the question, “What makes an early term abortion more morally just than a late term abortion?” On Feb. 8 famed morality speaker Joan Callahan gave a talk about her view on the subject.

Callahan began her presentation by explaining her thought provoking views on each side of the subject, providing insight into why either side may be persuaded to feel the way it does. She did not make her own personal opinion known until the end of the talk, where her words took an extraordinarily pro-life stance.

When it came to the issue of abortion during medical emergency, her opinion was groundbreaking, to say the least. She claimed that from a moral standpoint, no life was more important than another. Therefore during an emergency where most doctors would readily suggest abortion, that the only morally sound solution would be for the two lives “to battle it out” naturally.

I believe that every one is rightfully entitled to his or her personal opinion. I also believe that many people’s personal opinions become severely polarized by factors such as religion, politics, economic standing and so on. This polarization can cause many to become numb to what is really relevant in this day and age. I have always seen the issue of abortion on a case sensitive basis, but with much stronger conviction. I do not see abortion as an easy way out. No one has an abortion without seriously considering the implications of the immense decision.

I feel that being able to separate your own emotions from the situation and seriously being able to look at what the life of the fetus would be like is the most paramount step in dealing with an unplanned pregnancy.

One of the most selfless decisions a woman can make is not to bring another child into this world that cannot be taken care of adequately. Many children are adopted every day and several children are never adopted. Abortion is a woman’s personal decision and should have nothing to do with the church or government.

To be able to sacrifice a piece of one’s soul during the all-consuming experience of abortion is 100 percent more morally sound than having an unwanted child for the sake of God.

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