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“Angry Birds” Could Be Flying Its Way into Cinemas

When it comes to addictive apps, Apple is never at a loss for these mind numbing and time consuming creations. As anyone with an iPhone or iPad knows, the games offered in the iTunes store are usually pretty fun, though not altogether special. After a few hours or so, it is easy to get bored, revealing how very little lasting power these games have. That all has changed with the creation of “Angry Birds,” one of the biggest and most entertaining games for the device.

If one is not familiar with the concept of “Angry Birds,” it is actually quite simple. The game involves players using a slingshot to help a flock of animated birds destroy a group of evil pigs who stole their eggs. The game hit the 6.5 million sales mark this month. An iPad version has racked up 200,000 sales.

Rovio, the Finland-based creator of the hit game, has found great success with “Angry Birds.” With its newfound success, it may come as no shock to us that it wants to turn its property into a major franchise that crosses over to other platforms. While that may be advantageous of them, it causes the average reader to say “Really?”

Rovio has already begun experimenting in the realm of film by telling the “Angry Birds” story through mini cartoons. Yet, until official deals are brokered, Rovio will focus on producing sequels and other versions of the “Angry Birds” game.

While I do support the company’s ingenuity and spirit, it really should consider just sticking with what has given it success. Games-turned-movies have a notorious track record of being awful. This is a simple $.99 game with no greater storyline than crazy birds attacking green pigs. But, as they say, if there is a market for something, then why not appease it? To each his own.

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