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Asian Studies Major

There is good news for all of you Asian studies fanatics!

Rollins will hopefully begin offering a new major in Asian studies within the next few semesters. Previously, Asian studies was only offered as a minor for students looking to be educated about Asian culture.

However, now the opportunity to completely immerse your academic goals within Asian studies is a possibility.

Asia has become a major influence in the world and it is apparent that students would jump at the chance to grasp knowledge of its vast population, ancient history, diverse cultures and the economic strengths and weaknesses. As the largest continent, it is only fitting Rollins devote a major to Asia.

Ed Leffler ’14, a current Asian studies minor who plans on majoring in the new program, said, “I’m excited about the prospect of the new Asian studies major… it will allow me to expand from the already existing Asian studies minor. The Asian studies major will be a new avenue for students who are both Chinese speakers and Japanese speakers.” As someone whose interest has already been piqued by the subject, Leffler said he hopes to become a major because of the “opportunities and uniqueness” offered by Asian studies.

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion Mario D’Amato explains, “Many top liberal arts institutions in the country already off er Asian studies majors. Rollins has a number of established connections for study in China especially and should take advantage of these possibilities by offering our own Asian studies major. I believe that the major as currently proposed meets and even exceeds solid standards of rigor.”

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