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GPFF exposes pain and heartbreak around world

Newtown Newtown was an extremely emotional film that left viewers in tears, with a rawness in their hearts for a tragedy that occurred more than three and a half years ago. It was a remarkable documentary that tracked the effects [...]

September 29, 2016 Arts & Entertainment

Restaurant review: Austin’s Coffee

The first thing you notice is the denim everybody’s wearing. I’m talking Brooke Shields, “Nothing comes between me and my Calvins,” high-waisted denim. The second thing that hits you is the funky red, orange, and purple décor. The last thing [...]

March 17, 2016 Arts & Entertainment

Polarization leads to devastating consequences

In light of the recent attack on the satirical Parisian magazine, Charlie Hebdo, different spheres of cultural, religious, political, and social dialogue have merged together to create a clump of confusing questions about what the attack represents. How can we [...]

February 6, 2015 Opinion

French Movie Sparks Sexuality Controversy

When the French romantic drama Blue is the Warmest Color debuted in Cannes last summer, audiences were blown away by the actors’ engrossing performances and the sensuous cinematography. The Cannes Film Festival jury awarded the two main actresses and the [...]

April 24, 2014 Arts & Entertainment, Movies

Curator Cures Student Apathy

The Rollins community seldom takes advantage of CFAM’s resources. CFAM plans to generate enthusiasm about the museum to students of all disciplines, not just art majors. Sketches from Picasso and Cezanne, prints from Matisse, and a collection that ranges from [...]

April 3, 2014 Features

English Major: Just Starbucks and Scrutiny?

The first time I told my high school economics teacher that I was planning on becoming an English major, his reply was: “Ha! Good luck with that! You’re going to be broke.” I, of course, took great offense to his [...]

January 30, 2014 Opinion

Club for Introverts Going Extinct

Introverts may be the latest club to die out, but two student’s efforts mark a quiet journey. In the corner of the Lucy Cross Center for Women and their Allies in Chase Hall sits a single member of the most [...]

November 14, 2013 Campus, Features, Student Orgs