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Lack of Time Drains College Students

Time management is one of the most intimidating elements of a college student’s life. If you cannot manage your time effectively, you cannot expect to be organized or successful. Yet, managing time is something that most students struggle with over [...]

March 20, 2014 Features

2014 Winter Olympics Wrap-Up in Sochi

After two weeks of excitement, the 2014 Winter Olympics finally came to a close on Sunday, Feb. 23, 2014. The second and final week of the games revealed the athletic might of each country, shown through the many hard-fought competitions, wins, and disappointments. [...]

February 23, 2014 Beyond Rollins, Sports

Clash of Nations Proceeds in Sochi

The Netherlands and the United States lead the Olympic games with 20 medals, six gold each. Russia follows in a close third with 19 medals. The first week of the Sochi Winter Olympics has come to a close, and the [...]

February 20, 2014 Beyond Rollins, Sports

Winter Olympics Update

The Winter Olympics finally kicked off at the Fisht Olympic Stadium in Sochi on Friday, February 7. The event was visually appealing, historical, and seemed to attempt to veer away from politics (for the most part). Russia’s most popular pop [...]

February 11, 2014 Beyond Rollins, Sports

Amping up Security for Winter Olympics

Terrorist attack threats against the Winter Olympic Games may cause the USA’s Hockey team to stay at home. Not everyone is excited about the Olympics. It seems that tension, not enthusiasm, is mounting as the days pass and it gets [...]

February 6, 2014 Beyond Rollins, Sports

Quality Café with Creativity

When Anthropologie meets Urban Outfitters décor and hand-blended teas, this artsy café offers quality service paired with a unique hippie-chic vibe. Infusion Tea is not your typical café, and it is not your generic Starbucks-style coffeehouse. It’s a unique, down-to-earth [...]

January 30, 2014 Arts & Entertainment, Food

How to Keep Flu Season at Bay

One of the most pressing issues of being a college student is figuring out how to ward off the dreaded common cold (or for those unlucky enough, the debilitating stomach virus or flu). Getting sick is one of the worst [...]

January 23, 2014 Op-Eds, Opinion

Advances and Setbacks for the Winter Olympics

Although Florida has not been affected by the winter freeze, you can still experience some post-holiday winter cheer with the upcoming 2014 Olympic Winter Games, more casually known as the Winter Olympics, in Sochi, Russia. The excitement is rising with [...]

January 23, 2014 Beyond Rollins, News

Where in the World

Glasgow, United Kingdom — A helicopter crashed into a crowded pub on Friday evening, injuring 32 people and killing at least 3. Only one death has been officially confirmed, but Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, stated, “People must prepare for [...]

December 5, 2013 Beyond Rollins, News

Where in the World

United Kingdom – The conflict in Syria is ongoing, and the issue of the country’s possession of chemical weapons has yet to be decided on. Discussion of what is to be done with Syria’s stocks of toxic arms is underway, [...]

November 21, 2013 Beyond Rollins, News