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Walk of Fame inducts first honoree since ’14

October 31, 2019

Rollins honored Pulitzer prize-winning author and Florida resident Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (1896-1953) by installing her stone in the Walk of Fame, the first stone to be added in five years. The Walk of Fame includes nearly 600 stones placed around Mills Lawn. It was originally established in 1929 by Hamilton Holt, Rollins’ eighth president. Each […]

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Review: #MeToo founder calls for return to movement’s roots

October 3, 2019

Tarana Burke, developer of the #MeToo movement, inspired a Rollins audience with a memorable speech and her powerful voice. She dropped bombshells, and her curated quotations were followed by roaring admiration. She is human, but to everyone in Bush Auditorium, she seemed like something more—a machine able to spit out solutions and make them stick. […]

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Students lose Interfaith Room

September 26, 2019

Confusion reigned when the Muslim Student Union (MSU) found out that the Rollins College Post Office had temporarily took over the Knowles Chapel Interfaith Room. Muslim students, who used the room as a place of daily prayer and Friday night prayer services (Jumu’ah), believe that Rollins “undervalued” their religious identities.  The room, which was an […]

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Incoming international students deal with fears of American gun violence

September 12, 2019

In the wake of the Dayton, Odessa, and El Paso mass shootings, Rollins international freshmen are adjusting to campus while grappling with gun violence concerns. This year’s pool of international students makes up ten percent of freshmen—the largest international group in the college’s history. According to a study conducted by World Education Services (WES), a […]

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Incoming first year class boasts record international numbers

August 29, 2019

This fall, Rollins College welcomes its large group of first-year students who make up the largest international class in Rollins’ history. Despite this, the Class of 2023 includes fewer students of color than previous years. The Office of Admissions received just under 6,200 first-year applications, the largest number in Rollins history, said Faye Tydlaska, vice […]

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Poor email filter causes digital clutter, frustration

April 17, 2019

Do you dread looking at your Rollins email account? Your answer is most likely “yes,” because the sheer amount of emails can be consistently overwhelming.  With multiple emails being sent out every day, including reminders for clubs, events, registration, and housing, students cannot help but feel stressed about their growing list of emails to address. […]

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Flawed registration creates anxious students

April 10, 2019

My first registration experience occurred in the safety of my RCC classroom. My professor had circled around our laptops, answering questions and adjusting students’ schedules as necessary. I remember everyone panicking, including myself; after all, we had all heard that registration was cutthroat. We were told that in a moment’s hesitation, you could lose your […]

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Student Government initiatives prove fairly successful

April 3, 2019

To varying degrees, Student Government Association (SGA) President Nagina Chaudhry (‘19) and Vice President Greg Taicher (‘19) have fulfilled their campaign promises, which included providing bathrooms with free sanitary products, bringing a smoothie bar to the gym, and creating a Student Life app. While the sanitary product implementation has been successful thus far, and the […]

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Opinion: America’s colleges have never had an equal playing field

March 20, 2019

I was not surprised when I first heard the news that approximately 50 individuals were charged with bribing college administrators and coaches to get their children into elite colleges. After all, I have already lived through a similar scenario. My middle school was an arts school and auditions were a prerequisite for attendance. A certain […]

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Students confront campus accessibility issues

March 6, 2019

By Hannah Butcher and Zoe Pearson Accessibility issues are gaining visibility on campus as students and faculty address problems that have plagued the college for generations through meetings and forums. In the past two weeks, faculty held open meetings on accessibility initiatives; a new club, Disability Alliance, formed to raise awareness of related campus issues; […]

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