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Farewell from the Seniors

April 24, 2014

I sent in my application and first articles for The Sandspur the summer before my first year, thrilled to finally have the opportunity to work at a newspaper. There is nothing quite like the feeling of seeing your name in print for the first time. Since those first articles, I have had over 100 articles […]

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Handicap Student Suffers Discrimination

April 3, 2014

Different forms of handicapped injuries exist, some of which are not obvious. One Rollins student shares her experience with handicap parking spaces and the criticism she receives from her placard. “Well you don’t look handicapped,” exclaimed the dominating, male high school security guard after he asked me to leave yearbook class in order to speak […]

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Letter from the Editor

March 13, 2014

This year marks the 120th birthday of The Sandspur. Like many women of a certain age, The Spur has undergone a host of cosmetic changes but remains as poised and mature as ever. During December of 1894, the publication was developed as a literary magazine entitled The Sand-Spur. This 30-page journal contained everything from short […]

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Sexperts: Refuting Feminist Thought on Pornography

February 20, 2014

The violent pornography model in service of men’s pleasure is outdated. A modern feminist offers an empowered and enlightening stance on erotic films. It began with playing cards and ended with Playboy. Since the end of the 18th century, scantily clad women have been featured on just about everything. This fixation with the female form […]

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Letter From the Editor

January 23, 2014

Dear readers, It is a new year and a new semester. It is a time to learn from the past but not let it completely overshadow your budding future. Keeping with this theme, the staff of the Sandspur and myself would like to personally thank all the students, faculty, staff, alumni and parents who participated […]

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Sexperts: Standing up for Going Down

December 5, 2013

You’re watching a blockbuster at Regal Cinemas. This movie entails the typical male- female love-making scenario where the male tends to have a few years more experience under his belt than his female partner, but somehow she still knows exactly how to go through the motions like an absolute pro. She bats her eyelashes and […]

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Disenfranchised Floridians Fight Back

November 14, 2013

Currently, there are over 1.5 million people in Florida who have permanently lost their civil rights. This means there are 1.5 million Floridians who are unable to vote for the people who represent them in political office and have restricted access to safe, affordable housing; occupational licenses; and employment opportunities. The Florida state law that […]

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Letter from the Editor

October 24, 2013

Everything Real. Everything Rollins. We have now entered the bleak, dead center of the semester. The work has begun to pile up, yet there is still no shining end of the tunnel in sight. While this time of year can begin to seem absolutely dreadful and positively hopeless, I prefer to look at its sheer […]

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Letter from the Editors

September 5, 2013

Dear Readers, By definition a sandspur is, “any of a genus (Cenchrus) of grasses producing spikelets enclosed in ovoid spiny involucres that form burs,” Merriam-Webster dictionary. Basically, sandspurs are those annoying little prickly burs that end up all over your pants when you go on hikes. They may be a nuisance, but they really do […]

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Letters from the Editors to the Class of 2017

August 20, 2013

New Rollins student, At last, you have made it to college. You have said your good-byes to your parents, traded skype addresses with your friends, and have perhaps even bid au du to your high school sweet heart. In a nutshell, you are in for some big changes. I would be lying if I claimed […]

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