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Professor O'Sullivan specializes in 18th-century English literature, minority literature, popular culture, and Florida studies. In addition to articles on literature and pedagogy, he has published The Florida Reader (1991); Florida in Poetry (1995); Smith's Book of Job (1996); Crime Fiction and Films in the Sunshine State (1997); Shakespeare's Other Lives (1997); Elizabeth and Orange Pulp (2000); Shakespeare Plays the Classroom (2003).

Professor questions Rollins’ multicultural efforts

February 17, 2016

On Monday, Feb. 1, the Sacramento Kings cancelled a lunar New Year promotion it had planned to honor one of its region’s largest communities—18.3% of the city’s population identify themselves as Asian—after one of the team’s players complained that it was insensitive to pass out purple Year of the Monkey t-shirts on the first day […]

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