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Senior staffers bid farewell to ‘The Sandspur,’ reminisce on time spent

When I first joined The Sandspur as a freelance writer, it was a way for me to build up my portfolio and gain writing experience for the future. I am happy to say that it has become much more than [...]

April 27, 2017 Arts & Entertainment, Campus, Features

Stars align for cast of ‘Constellations’

Constellations (directed by Kathleen Capdesuñer ’17) is the story of an ordinary British couple set in a universe of infinite possibilities. The third show in this year’s Second Stage Series, Constellations played at the Fred Stone Theater from February 1-4, [...]

February 9, 2017 Arts & Entertainment, Theater

Celebrating the life of Will Hauver

Despite ominous clouds hanging overhead, little could dampen the high spirits of those who turned out for the Paint It Forward event on Saturday, April 16. Students, parents and faculty gathered to celebrate the life of Rollins student Will Hauver, [...]

April 20, 2016 Features

Talk Back: Playwright discusses Detroit

  After the last of the audience members trickled out the doors on opening night, the cast and crew of Detroit settled in for a talk-back session with its award-winning playwright, Lisa D’Amour. Accompanied by a few members of Rollins [...]

April 13, 2016 Arts & Entertainment, Features

Detroit play ends with a bang

This week, the Fred Stone Theatre opened its doors for Detroit, the final installment in its 2015-2016 Second Stage Series. Starring Chloe Brewer ‘17 and Duncan Hon ‘19 as the married couple Mary and Ben, Detroit follows the pair’s exploits [...]

April 6, 2016 Arts & Entertainment

‘Becky Shaw’ wows its audience

On Feb. 3, the Fred Stone Theater opened its doors to a crowd of eager theatergoers gathered for the opening night of Becky Shaw. Brimming with family and friends of the cast and crew, the show opened to a full [...]

February 12, 2016 Arts & Entertainment

Annie Russell bringing new plays to Rollins

The Annie Russell Theatre has forever been a staple for any theatre-lover at Rollins, especially due to its attractive ticket prices (free for all students). Whether one goes to support a friend or simply as a self-proclaimed “theatre-geek,” a night [...]

February 3, 2016 Arts & Entertainment

Explore the world with summer field studies

Summers provide a perfect opportunity for resume building, and what better experience than a summer field study? Led by Rollins staff and faculty, groups of students venture forth into the world every summer, in pursuit of first-hand knowledge. Field studies [...]

February 2, 2016 Features