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Blog Update: Turning 21

I feel happy, excited and sad: Happy that I am at the place of my dreams, excited to be 21, and sad that time is passing by so quickly.

Nonetheless, I am thrilled for the new experiences that are ahead of me.

I cant believe I am 21–I cant believe time has gone by so quickly. Not too long ago I was pretending to be an adult, and today I am one. So many new responsibilities; so many new doors opening different paths; and too many decisions to make, but nonetheless I am accomplishing the dream of my life.

 Being in Australia has made me become a better me, a more confident me, a decisive me.

 The different experiences that I have faced during the past months have been unique. Unique enough to have taught me lessons that wouldn’t have been able to be taught at school.

The days I have lived here could be considered the most amazing days of my life.

It goes without saying that turning 21 in the land down under left me with a lot of memories. Memories that will remind me of the place and adventure that changed my life.

The experience that made me a better me, and this is the place where a big part of my heart will always remain at.

 Celebrating my 21st in Sydney was amazing!

I couldn’t have been happier; I was surrounded with so much love. All my friends and I went out the night before and right at midnight we cheered for another year.

The day of my birthday, I celebrated with my host family and their family. My host parents prepared my favorite dish and for dessert my host mom made the traditional pavlova Australian dessert. After a couple hours everyone sang happy birthday and my day was over.

It was fantastic; I had both of the best worlds: Fun, family time, and a relaxed day.

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