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Brushing Returns to Campus

“Blood, sweat, and tears can produce only a single stanza of poetry.”

Brushing Art & Literary Journal is the official art and literary journal of Rollins. It is an annual publication that collects the talented works of both writers and artists from all over the campus, including students from the Arts and Sciences (A&S), Holt, Crummer, and the faculty and staff.

Co-Editors and Holt Undergraduates Tanya Grae and Sandra Johnson, along with several other students in both Holt and A&S, are revitalizing Brushing after its disappearance last year.

One of those students, Cary Hall ’11, worked on the Journal in 2009 and is very excited to have the opportunity to work with Brushing again. “Brushing is an opportunity for students to share their art, be it poetry, photography, short stories, graphic design, or any other medium. It is also a chance for students to become involved with a campus organization, learn about journal production, and develop skills in editing and design.”

The journal will continue to be a yearly publication, with the next issue being released late this spring, most likely in April.

The Rollins community will benefit from the sudden return of the journal because it will help students discover the talents of their peers, as well as offer them a free chance to submit their work and free copies of the journal after it has been produced.

Why bring back the journal now? According to Hall, β€œIt is not so much a bringing back as simply picking up and continuing where the last creative team left off. Last year, Brushing was only unable to publish because of a lack of manpower.”

If your work was accepted by Brushing last year, do not be dismayed! This year, students are working to put out a special double issue including submissions from both last year and this year.

Brushing opened for submissions Jan. 18 and has already had a great response from students interested in being published. The journal is looking for any medium of art that can be reproduced in a journal. Past issues of Brushing have included creative nonfiction, poetry, short stories, paintings, photography, drawings, mixed media, etc. The deadline is Feb. 18.

If you are interested in submitting to Brushing Art and Literary Journal, would like to get involved, or if you have any questions, please send the Brushing team an e-mail at with your submissions attached. Art and photography should be sent in .jpg format, and writing should be sent in .doc format.

Include your name, Rollins e-mail, school (A&S, Holt, Crummer), class year and phone number.

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