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Carrie Remake Reboots Halloween

For fans of the classic horror movie Carrie (1976), news of a remake was both exciting and nerve-racking. There is nothing worse than ruining a great classic movie with a sub-par remake. Chloe Grace Moretz, formerly seen in the superhero comedy Kick Ass, captures the audience as the ominous Carrie White. Set in a contemporary small town, the film captures the essence of Stephen King’s original novel. Directed by Kimberly Peirce, Carrie (2013) tells the story of a young outcast, Carrie, who is not only scrutinized by her piers, but tortured by her overly protective mother (played by Julianne Moore) as well. Carrie walks through the halls of her high school constantly facing ridicule, made fun of by her peers for being an outsider as well as a freak. After a humiliating incident in the girls locker room, Carrie finds herself even more of an outcast than before. With a video of the embarrassing locker room incident on the Internet, Carrie must face the terrible wrath of her extremely religious mother, who even believes that taking a shower in the girls locker room after gym class is a sin. After the incident, Carrie is pushed into her mother’s “prayer closet” and is forced to repent her sins. Carrie begins to lose control, banging on the door and screaming to be let out. While doing so, she cracks the door practically in half, discovering that she has telekinetic powers. She is immediately mesmerized by her powers, reading books and experimenting in her bedroom. Carrie soon gains control of her powers and learns how to use them. Then, in a fortunate twist of fate, Carrie is asked to prom, and by the most popular guy in school, at that. Using her new-found powers to get her mother to oblige to her prom plans, Carrie sets out to have a great night with her gorgeous date. She even has hopes of winning prom queen! All seems to be going well for Carrie White, until one bully named Chris, played by Portia Doubleday, ruins the magical night for both Carrie and seemingly the whole town. This modern remake of the classic film is a fun, thrilling movie that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Although some critics have mocked the movie for being too fake and ‘cheesy’, it must be kept in mind that the plot itself leaves little room for improvement, centered around the telekinetic powers of an innocent teen gone haywire. Despite the criticism, Carrie (2013) is a great remake of the classic, and a perfect movie choice for anyone looking for a scare on Halloween.

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