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Women’s sacrifices in Vietnam showcased in “A Piece of my Heart”

I was present for the opening night of the current production of A Piece of My Heart, written by Shirley Lauro and directed by Marianne Diquattro. The show runs in the Annie Russell from February 17-25. As always, Rollins students [...]

February 23, 2017 Arts & Entertainment, Theater

Stars align for cast of ‘Constellations’

Constellations (directed by Kathleen Capdesuñer ’17) is the story of an ordinary British couple set in a universe of infinite possibilities. The third show in this year’s Second Stage Series, Constellations played at the Fred Stone Theater from February 1-4, [...]

February 9, 2017 Arts & Entertainment, Theater

Mad Cow Theatre’s ‘1776’

1776: the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the birthing of America, and a musical. These three things came to life Sunday, September 25 as the Mad Cow Theatre in downtown Orlando continued their installment of 1776. In typical Mad [...]

October 6, 2016 Arts & Entertainment, Theater

Annie Russell opens season with ‘The Foreigner’

Wit and irony always leave a pleasant taste on one’s tongue, particularly when one’s tongue is named “Floppy.” Rollins’ recent rendition of The Foreigner was “remarkable.” This comedic play features a shy man named Charlie and his British friend Froggy, [...]

September 29, 2016 Arts & Entertainment, Theater

A powerful perspective on peace

On November 2 Rollins College hosted Nyaniso “Niso” Tutu-Burris for a “Conversation on Peace” in conjunction with Valencia College’s new Peace Three initiative. The event was held in the Bieberbach-Reed room in the Campus Center. It was sponsored by the [...]

November 11, 2015 Arts & Entertainment, Theater

Reefer Madness’ lights up Annie stage

Combining music, dance, love, murder, and marijuana into an on-stage musical may seem like a heavy task, but the Annie Russell Theatre did just that with their latest musical Reefer Madness.The musical, directed by Associate Professor of Theatre Arts and [...]

September 30, 2015 Arts & Entertainment, Theater

Rollins Improv Players tackle hard-hitting topics

The Rollins Improv Players (better known as the RIP) base their performances on meaningful subjects that touch base with students and student organizations. One of their first shows during orientation touched on the minor and major struggles that first-year students [...]

September 23, 2015 Arts & Entertainment, Theater

“Machinal” filled with emotion, loss

David Charles, chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance at Rollins College, likes to pursue projects that push him out of his comfort zone. “Machinal,” he says, “as an expressionistic piece, certainly fits that bill.” Machinal, written by American [...]

February 20, 2015 Beyond Rollins, Features, News, Theater

Play offers contemporary reading of Whitman

Mad Cow Theatre Company’s unique performance of  I and You by playwright Lauren Gunderson provides a unique perspective on love through December 14. The bed is the first thing one will notice when he or she walks into the small, [...]

November 19, 2014 Arts & Entertainment, Theater

Dark dramedy: ‘Vandal’ opens Fred Stone

The Vandal explores how individuals behave in the bleak aftermath of a loved one’s death. Each character has lost someone—whether it be mother, a friend, a wife, or a husband. The show pays homage to the fifteenth century morality play [...]

October 22, 2014 Arts & Entertainment, Theater