Review: Cast’s chemistry breathes life into ‘Avenue Q’

November 28, 2018

The Annie Russell Theatre will show its latest play, “Avenue Q,” until Dec. 1. (Courtesy of J.D. Casto) The Annie Russell Theater’s “Avenue Q” opened with a bang as the powerhouse cast and crew synergistically came together to put on a hilarious and heartfelt satire.  With the arrival of recent college grad Princeton, played by […]

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Annie Russell stages a delightfully vulgar puppet musical

November 14, 2018

Courtesy of JD Casto“Avenue Q” uses puppets similar to “Sesame Street” to tackle taboo subjects. The Annie Russell Theatre’s upcoming play “Avenue Q,” which is the cousin of Sesame Street, may take you back to your childhood roots at first. However, this satirical musical uses puppets and songs to tackle taboo subjects like sex, relationships, […]

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“Twelve Angry Jurors” is still relevant today

October 3, 2018

The reliability of facts, impact of implicit biases, and necessity to question surface appearances are all confronted onstage by Annie Russell Theatre’s “Twelve Angry Jurors.” Captivating, compelling, and tense, this production remains faithful to the tone and message of Reginald Rose’s 1954 television movie, while adding more nuanced layers through directors’ adaptations. Ultimately, the dynamic […]

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Race, murder, capital punishment: Annie Russell’s upcoming play

September 19, 2018

Cast rehearsing for “Twelve Angry Jurors” (Gaby Davenport / Staff Photographer) “One man is dead. The life of another is at stake.” This season, the Annie Russell Theatre is putting on “Twelve Angry Jurors.” Opening on Sept. 28, 12 complete strangers will crowd into a hot room to determine the fate of a suspected murderer, […]

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‘On the Verge’ set to open next week

April 5, 2018

On April 11, the Second Stage Series welcomes their final show of the season: On the Verge. Directed by Nicole Colangelo ‘18, On the Verge is a witty, comedy-filled excursion for the ages. On the Verge was written by Eric Overmyer and debuted in 1985 at Baltimore’s Center Stage. Now, Rollins welcomes On the Verge to […]

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‘The Flick’ breathes fresh air into the Fred

February 15, 2018

As a part of the Second Stage Series, Rollins welcomed The Flick to the Fred Stone Theatre.  Produced by the Rollins Players student theater organization, The Flick was completely directed, designed, marketed, and performed by Rollins students. The Flick, written by Annie Baker, premiered Off-Broadway at Playwright Horizons in 2013. It has since won the […]

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Portraits of grief and love in ‘Lockerbie’

February 8, 2018

Rollins will present the play The Women of Lockerbie, written by Deborah Brevoort and directed by Eric Zivot, later this month on the Annie Russell stage. The Women of Lockerbie takes place in the idyllic town of Lockerbie, Scotland seven years after Pan Am Flight 103 crashed into the town in 1988 due to a […]

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Eleemosynary: Where intellect and emotions collide

October 26, 2017

Eleemosynary was written by American playwright, Lee Blessing. The play premiered in 1985 and ran through to 1989, closing with a three-week run at the Manhattan Theater Club. Now, in 2017, Eleemosynary has come to Rollins College as a part of The Second Stage Series, produced by Rollins Players and completely directed, designed, marketed, and […]

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The Cradle Will Still Rock

September 28, 2017

The Annie Russell Theatre opened its eighty-fifth season with The Cradle Will Rock by Marc Blitzstein. The musical describes the post-Great Depression era where political corruption and corporate greed take over a fictional town called Steeltown, USA. The fight about unionization between the working class and the main antagonist Mr. Mister portrays a powerful message […]

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‘Urinetown’ highlights the dangers of unchecked capitalism and climate change

April 20, 2017

Urinetown is filled with enchanting songs and odd choreography that capture the audience’s complete attention during the musical numbers. In addition to the captivating sequences, there are comical moments in between as well as a full-fledged revolution. It follows a group of lowly street dwellers who must pay to use all bathroom facilities due to […]

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