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Politics fuel new season of ‘AHS’

I ask you, dear readers, to hold the following image in your mind: Imagine actor Evan Peters, sporting a manbun dyed blue, rhythmically thrusting his pelvis against a flat screen TV while shouting “U-S-A!” I assure you that this is [...]

October 5, 2017 Arts & Entertainment, TV

Satire or just sad? Trump in popular media

Do you remember when our generation was younger and we would peek at the television and see whatever our parents were watching? Many of us had our childhood years in the midst of the Bush era, so everywhere that you [...]

April 7, 2017 Arts & Entertainment, TV

‘Iron Fist’: As bad as everyone says it is?

When I was about ten years old, I started actively reading comic books and, in that time, became very familiar with the Heroes for Hire, a.k.a. Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Very shortly, they became some of my favorites. They [...]

March 30, 2017 Arts & Entertainment, TV

Online streaming moves towards domination

Netflix is a household name. When they started Instant Internet Streaming in 2008, the idea seemed foreign. No one knew how much the industry would boom over the years. Within the past few years Amazon has jumped on, adding their [...]

February 26, 2015 Arts & Entertainment, Movies, TV

Shows to catch up on over break

1. Game of Thrones Winter break will serve as the perfect time to catch up on this tragic, comical, and sensual show. Based on Seven Kingdoms, different families fight to claim their ‘rightful’ place as the ruling family of all [...]

December 3, 2014 Arts & Entertainment, TV

Netflix Show Puts Viewers behind Bars

Written by Piper Kerman, an American memoirist, Orange is the New Black recounts her experience of the thirteen months she spent in a women’s federal prison. The show starts with introducing two main characters Piper Chapman and her partner Alex [...]

January 30, 2014 Arts & Entertainment, TV

Tinsel Talk: Xtraordinary Talent

Sarafian provides commentary on Season 3 of the X Factor and its top contestants. This season of FOX’s X Factor signaled the departure of Robo-Britney and L.A. Reid. Thus, Simon Cowell welcomed two fresh faces onto the X-panel: Latina pop [...]

November 14, 2013 Arts & Entertainment, Columns, Opinion, Tinsel Talk, TV

Shows to Fall For

Managing Editor, Annamarie Carlson, shares her television expertise with a go-to guide for returning shows and new series debuting this fall. I’m a television junkie. I cannot tell you when it started or how I function each week in between [...]

October 24, 2013 Arts & Entertainment, TV

“How I Met Your Mother” Keeps Quest for Mother Fresh

The final season of CBS’s award-winning, popular sitcom, How I Met Your Mother has begun, and the three episodes that have aired so far have not disappointed. The sitcom follows a group of friends living in Manhattan, the plot centering [...]

October 11, 2013 Arts & Entertainment, TV

Fall TV Lineup

The arrival of the new fall TV season is always exciting.  Not only do old favorites return, but there is an array of new TV shows to explore this season!  This season the trend is going away from traditional cop [...]

September 19, 2013 Arts & Entertainment, TV