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Reports of Mr. Rogers seen on campus during alumni weekend

It is a not-so-beautiful day in the neighborhood here at Rollins College as student-reported sightings of the late Mr. Rogers pop up across campus. The sightings allegedly began over the course of Alumni Weekend—an event that, apparently, welcomed living and [...]

April 1, 2018 April Fools, Features

Drug-sniffing lizards placed in residential halls

As reports of drug use and abuse increase on campus, Rollins is introducing new security measures to ensure that its students remain drug-free. Next year, the campus will introduce drug-sniffing lizards that will live in the residence halls with students. [...]

April 1, 2018 April Fools, Features

Rollins student to star on ‘The Bachelorette’

After tirelessly listening to the female student body obsess over ABC’s hit show, The Bachelorette, Rollins has decided to create their own reality TV-based relationship competition. Airing on FOX Media April 10, Jamie Ernst ‘19 will star as the most [...]

April 1, 2018 April Fools, Features

Hillary Clinton rigs SGA election, refuses to give up emails

The annual election of Student Government Association (SGA) President and Vice President has taken a turn in 2018 with a surprise winner. Though the race appeared to be between candidates Nagina Chaudhry and Greg Taicher against Nam Nguyen and Max [...]

April 1, 2018 April Fools, Features

President revealed as three small children in a trench coat

This week, the students and faculty of Rollins discovered the shocking truth about their very own President Cornwell. After taking a tumble during one of his usual strolls around campus, surrounding students and staff found that he was not one [...]

April 1, 2018 April Fools, Features

Rollins receives alumni donation to repaint Mills Lawn

In addition to Rollins’ numerous ongoing capital campaigns, the school has recently received a $40 Million donation to repaint every single blade of grass on Mills Lawn the world’s most luxurious shade of green. The donation comes from an anonymous [...]

April 1, 2018 April Fools, Features

New Black Box Theatre to be just an actual black box

After the Fred Stone Theatre was officially condemned last weekend, it has been decided by Facilities and the upper administration that the Theatre department’s new black box theatre will just be a 3’x3’x6’ cardboard refrigerator box that will be spray [...]

April 1, 2018 April Fools, Features

Theatre of cruelty: the new neighborhood nightmare

In an unsurprising turn of events, changes have recently been made to the Neighborhoods system. More department-specific requirements will be added to the curriculum, which currently requires students to take classes in the humanities, sciences, social sciences, and arts. Students [...]

March 30, 2017 April Fools, Features

One editor to rule them all

The Sandspur office was recently ravaged by swordfight between current editor-in-chief Lauren Waymire ’17 and production manager/former editor-in-chief Micah Bradley ‘17, who were engaged in a battle for supremacy over the paper. Though the office normally has a relaxed atmosphere, [...]

March 30, 2017 April Fools, Features

Rollins students fight for new newspaper title

First drafted by two starry-eyed freshmen, the recent petition to rename The Sandspur is in full swing.  Much to our editor-in-chief’s chagrin, the students at Rollins College seem never to have heard of the motto “if it ain’t broke, don’t [...]

April 6, 2016 April Fools, Features