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Theatre of cruelty: the new neighborhood nightmare

In an unsurprising turn of events, changes have recently been made to the Neighborhoods system. More department-specific requirements will be added to the curriculum, which currently requires students to take classes in the humanities, sciences, social sciences, and arts. Students [...]

March 30, 2017 April Fools, Features

One editor to rule them all

The Sandspur office was recently ravaged by swordfight between current editor-in-chief Lauren Waymire ’17 and production manager/former editor-in-chief Micah Bradley ‘17, who were engaged in a battle for supremacy over the paper. Though the office normally has a relaxed atmosphere, [...]

March 30, 2017 April Fools, Features

Rollins students fight for new newspaper title

First drafted by two starry-eyed freshmen, the recent petition to rename The Sandspur is in full swing.  Much to our editor-in-chief’s chagrin, the students at Rollins College seem never to have heard of the motto “if it ain’t broke, don’t [...]

April 6, 2016 April Fools, Features

Ward burglars scurry off with precious valuables

The reign of terror recently unleashed on Ward Hall in the forms of vandalism, burglary, and vomit has finally ended. From puke-filled bathrooms to stolen iPads, residents have suffered a wave of difficulties but managed to endure. Ward Hall has [...]

April 6, 2016 April Fools, Features


Following Rollins’ recent decision to offer several career-oriented majors, such as one focused on memes, students and professors alike are terrified about students actually being able to find jobs after graduation. “I just don’t know what I will do, like, [...]

March 31, 2016 April Fools, Campus, Features

Sorority girl gets “too turnt”, turns into mannequin

Once upon a time, Dogwitch O’Spooky ‘∞ was just your average sorority girl, gossiping with her friends and hanging out on her sorority house’s balcony. However, after one “too-turnt” night out with her sisters, O’Spooky found herself feeling faker than [...]

March 31, 2016 April Fools, Features

New President Eliminates Fox Day

      Though the faculty, administrators, and students of Rollins College were originally supportive of the decision of Grant Cornwell as the next president, his recently announced plans have made many reconsider. Most shockingly, Cornwell plans to get rid [...]

March 26, 2015 April Fools, Features, Opinion

April Fools: Beer Solves Budget Burden

In a shocking turn of events, after recent administration disgruntlement at the idea of a pub replacing Dave’s Down Under, the college has embraced the idea of serving alcohol to students. The Rollins Food and Drink Administrative Board made an [...]

March 27, 2014 April Fools, Features

April Fools: Online Classes Outweigh Professors by Fall 2017

As of fall 2017, Rollins College will move all classwork online; in the following years, professors, and classrooms will become obsolete. All classes will be held solely on Blackboard and in other “virtual classrooms.”  Nick Maple ‘16 is enthralled with [...]

March 27, 2014 April Fools, Features

April Fools: Rollins Sells Its Dorm Rooms and Classroom Seats

Widely known on the Rollins College campus exists a fiscal deficit that must be addressed in the next few years, if the school is to avoid major repercussions. While an earlier issue of The Sandspur discussed proposed solutions to the [...]

March 27, 2014 April Fools, Features