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Rollins outlines hurricane safety plans

Many students and staff members alike come from regions in the world where hurricanes are rarely mentioned, much less a real threat to their safety and well-being. However, living in the central Florida area, this is not a luxury the Rollins [...]

September 29, 2016 Campus, Local, News

Disability Services takes a step forward

The Office of Disability Services recently announced a change in an important accommodation, the Medical Condition Affecting Attendance (MCAA). For students with chronic health conditions that require them to seek treatment at unexpected points in the year, this accommodation increases [...]

April 6, 2016 Local, News

Emergency drill to raise awareness

An email was sent out recently to the Rollins community regarding an “Emergency Drill” session that will be held in February. The flyer in the email stated that this session will help raise emergency awareness through a discussion-based drill open to [...]

January 27, 2016 Local, News

New Olin Library research system now in session

The students have spoken, and Olin has answered. Since some students need a more intensive approach for research help that better adheres to their schedules, the librarians of Olin Library have instated a consultation model that parallels appointments from TJ’s [...]

January 27, 2016 Local, News

Lucy Cross Center hosts first Stress Relief series

In November 2015, The Lucy Cross Center hosted the first Stress Relief series. These events came about through conversations between the director of the center, Dr. Jill Jones, and The Lucy Cross student staff in response to the heavy work [...]

November 17, 2015 Local, News

Rollins conducts campus-wide wellness survey

Rollins College has begun conducting a campus-wide online survey called The Healthy Minds Study. Students were selected randomly to participate in the survey with the goal of assessing the overall state of mental health of Rollins students. Initially launched in [...]

November 17, 2015 Local, News

Facilities issues arise during expansion

Over the past few years, Rollins has been undergoing gradual structural changes to help accommodate our growing student body and improve the college’s natural beauty. Earlier this month, an email sent out by Dean of Hamilton Holt School David C. [...]

November 4, 2015 Local, News

Rollins welcomes new VP

Rollins College has recently named Dr. Faye Tydlaska as its next Vice President of Enrollment Management. This position leads undergraduate admissions, financial aid, and institution-wide marketing and communications initiatives. The VP of Enrollment Management also works closely with the president [...]

November 4, 2015 Local, News

Safe Campus Act complicates reporting assaults

The Safe Campus Act, or commonly referred to by opponents as the “Unsafe Campus Act,” is a bill being considered in Congress that would change the way colleges handle sexual assault. Under current policy, if a student reports a case [...]

November 4, 2015 Local, News

Tweaking Rollins social media

Rollins College is upping its social media game. Currently, Rollins has over 11,000 followers on Twitter and the college’s Facebook page has well over 17,000 likes. Even so—the posts, often related to campus events, alumni profiles, and interesting campus factoids—receive [...]

November 4, 2015 Local, News