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Harvey Hits Home

Just over a week ago, Hurricane Harvey hit the gulf coast of Texas, killing up to 50 people, destroying nearly 100,000 homes, and breaking the hearts of millions around the country, including those of Rollins students and alum. Despite the [...]

September 7, 2017 Beyond Rollins, News

Treatment center opens doors in Orlando

When I think of eating disorders, I usually don’t think of college students. I think of teenage females having a difficult time going through high school. This type of thinking is a stigma that needs to be eliminated. Visiting the [...]

February 9, 2017 Beyond Rollins, Features, News

Executive order on immigration rallies unites protestors

Women wearing the hijab, chanting while sending smiles to fellow mothers pushing strollers. A man wrapped in a Pride flag offering memorial ribbons to crowds that will later be rallied by a boy sporting the American flag. Union members cheering [...]

February 2, 2017 Beyond Rollins, Opinion

It’s Now or Neverglades

The Everglades is a unique treasure to the ecological community of southern Florida. There is nothing like seeing an American alligator rest on the grassland banks while a snowy egret wades a mere 10 feet away. The sun begins to [...]

November 3, 2016 Beyond Rollins, Features

University of Missouri takes steps toward equality

Among the racial unrest at the University of Missouri, student and faculty protesters finally rejoiced after the resignation of President Tim Wolfe last Monday. Protests can stem from social issues that upset the campus community; in this case, the problem [...]

November 17, 2015 Beyond Rollins, News

Where in the world

Johannesburg, South Africa A wave of intense xenophobia has taken over parts of South Africa with the latest manifestations hitting Johannesburg. Protestors attacked and looted foreign-owned businesses to show their displeasure for the growing number of foreigners in a country [...]

April 24, 2015 Beyond Rollins, Campus, News

Where in the World

North Charleston, S. Carolina A South Carolina cop has been arrested on murder charges after shooting 50-year-old Walter Scott, the man he pulled over for a traffic stop. Officer Michael Slager pulled Scott over for a broken tail light and [...]

April 16, 2015 Beyond Rollins, News

Where in the World

Alps, France Germanwings flight 9525 crashed into the French Alps after the co-pilot sent the plane into an intentional descent. Andreas Lubitz, the 28-year-old co-pilot, reportedly locked the door to the cockpit after the pilot left for a moment and [...]

April 2, 2015 Beyond Rollins, News

Where in the World

Jerusalem, Israel Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was reelected as the head of the country Likud party. Netanyahu won with a comfortable margin, to the surprise of many, after staying fairly even with his challengers in the poll during the [...]

March 26, 2015 Beyond Rollins, News

Where in the World

Istanbul, Turkey Three British teenagers were placed into custody in Turkey’s capital and subsequently returned to the United Kingdom after attempting to make their way to Syria to perpetuate terrorist acts. Scotland Yard, the British investigative agency, contacted the Turkish [...]

March 19, 2015 Beyond Rollins, News