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Editing Essentials

April 13, 2016

With final exams approaching quickly, the end of spring semester can be a time of high stress. In light of all the time that will soon be dedicated to laboring over papers and preparing for written exams, I asked students to submit the most common problems they encounter while writing and any questions they had […]

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How to be a properly intrusive author

April 6, 2016

Writers can always learn something new from other writers. In Dr. Matthew Forsythe’s Editing Essentials class, Theodore Cheney—author of the guide Getting the Words Right—has provided useful information to avoid the pitfalls of stylistic risks. But, as much as writers must remember to heed others’ advice, they must also remember that some literary risks do […]

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What’s your grammar pet peeve?

March 31, 2016

Many people have been sporting graphic tees, and not just ones with the usual sports or college logos but with bold, witty statements printed across the chest. Here are a few interesting ones I have seen lately: “My unicorn ate my homework,” “Take me anywhere but here,” and “Haute Mess.” While recently scrolling through an […]

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English Professor offers advice on how to write the best essays

March 16, 2016

In an interview about essay-writing advice for students, Dr. Jill Jones, a Rollins English Professor, said that most essays are, in a sense, an argument. As writers, we are giving information to our readers. Just like when professors ask the “so what?” question, we need to keep the audience in mind and explain why the […]

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