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Sexperts: Close Your Books, Take Off Your Pants

In the hectic week approaching finals, nude aerobics can improve mental and physical health by relieving stress.

As finals approach and stress levels soar, prepare yourself to be loaded down with a slew of health related garbage advice: eat a full breakfast, sleep eight hours a night, don’t party too much, and don’t drink like a frat boy.

In the spirit of all of these healthy public service announcements, I am sharing my own means of staying stress-free—have lots and lots of sex. While there are a million health benefits to having protected sex, taking time to have a romp is surely more fun than skipping out on weekly partying. So before snorting Xanax to survive your busy day, check out this list of health benefits for having a nice roll in the hay.

Sex gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. The truth is sex does have a positive effect on the production of endorphins. It also improves blood pressure, which means students are able to respond to stressful situations like exams and oral presentations in a calmer manner. This was proven in a Scottish study of 24 women and 22 men who kept track of their sexual habits over the course of a month.

When placed in such stressful situations as public speaking and tackling math equations, the participants who had the most intercourse throughout the month managed to maintain a lower blood pressure. See, science can be sexy!

Sex also boosts immunity by increasing the production of immunoglobulin A, which helps prevent catching a cold prior to a week of mandatory attendance. Further, in a half hour session of mild intensity, two lovers can each burn 85 calories. There really is a never ending list of health benefits when it comes to sex.

But facts are boring, and often times hard to believe. So in order to test my theories, I decided to have more sex during a very stressful school week.

With deadlines approaching for essays, blog posts, and final projects, my entire month of April felt stressful. I’ve tried everything to calm down, from taking one too many happy pills to laying out by the pool.

That’s when I decided to start this experiment. Cutting down on my daily cigarette total, I turned to sex as my natural remedy for curing all stress related ailments.

My partner and I started slow—an increase in kissing and physical contact—and worked our way up—by Friday it was four orgasms a day. At the end of the week, I definitely felt an improvement in my self-esteem, and our relationship felt refreshed.

It wasn’t easy at first to set aside my required reading for a half hour session of naked aerobics; in fact, I found myself pondering on the academic things I could accomplish in that time frame. Eventually sex worked itself back into our daily routines.

At the beginning of the year I wrote that sex was the cure for everything. I originally intended that as meaning any emotional ailments plaguing a relationship. Now I understand that sex also improves one’s mental and physical well being.

So as finals week dawns upon us, be sure to eat a healthy breakfast and get some sleep, but also try to perform one of the most natural human behaviors: fuck.

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