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Learning to Communicate

Over the last semester, numerous changes have come to Rollins, including “The Green” and the College of Professional Studies, followed by the censure of President Duncan, but something is finally happening that actually affects the student body. For the first time in years, Rollins has instituted a new major: communication studies.

A new major is a massive undertaking for any college, but particularly for one as small as Rollins. communication studies will be the third major under the new College of Professional Studies and will therefore focus on skills necessary for a profession in a communication field as well as providing students with “a broad foundation in areas that are relevant to the mission of the college, the liberal arts and meaningful careers,” said Chair of the Department of Communication Sue Easton.

Although the Holt evening program has had a major in organizational communication for several years, day students only had the option of a minor until now. The organizational communication major will be making the transition to the communication studies major so that students have increased flexibility in planning their classes.

The communication studies major will have three concentrations: organizational communication and leadership, public relations, and health communication. While communication majors will be required to select one concentration, the variety of electives offered will allow students to take courses in other concentrations.

For students who are already enrolled in the minor and do not wish to upgrade to the major, there will be small changes to refocus their required courses. The faculty in the department will work with all existing minors to make the transition as seamless as possible. Many of the current communication minors are thrilled about the change. “Yes, I am 100 percent doing doing the major. I would have done this major my freshman year if it had been available,” said Avery Del Valle ‘14. “This is a very good major to have in our curriculum; it will give Rollins’ students so many more opportunities.”

Stephanie Mishler ’12 is also excited about the major, though she wishes it had been implemented sooner. “If the communication major was offered during my earlier years as an undergrad I would have certainly became a communication major,” she said. “Especially considering that the communication major requires you to focus on career aspects like public relations or leadership, which would be very useful in finding a job soon.”

“I believe this major will be a huge benefit for future undergrad students,” Mishler continued. “I believe this major will at least give students the chance to have a bit of clarity of what the future may hold for them. Also, I believe including this major will attract future prospective students as well giving them the opportunity for more decisions.”

For a preview into the required courses for the major as a whole and each concentration, check out the planned major map on the department’s website,

Applications from students who wish to declare this major and who have a minimum GPA of 2.5 will be accepted in early spring, after the Communication Studies Major Open House. The open house is scheduled for Feb. 29 from 3:30 to 6 p.m. and will be held in the Galloway Room in the Mills building.

If you would like your name to be added to the department email list, please email Assistant Professor of Communication Greg Cavenaugh at

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