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Sexperts: Erotica Revealed

No need to clear your online history girls, we have all been there.

Ladies and pornography: two things that any self respecting American would surely never associate with one and other. Until the recent upsurge in let’s call it, “romantic” literature triggered by novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, the public probably had no idea that women had sexual fantasies just as vivid and explicit as men’s. With this in mind, now that is “socially expectable” for ladies to chat with their girlfriends about Christian Grey’s kinky bedroom techniques, is it really that hard to believe that perhaps these and many other ladies have been watching and/or reading pornography all along?

When it comes to the intricate art of satisfying the female pornographic appetite, it takes a much more significant amount of time and effort for women to find what makes them “tick” than the more easily satisfied male species. This may be because the entire online porn market is dedicated towards honoring their every specific desire: anal, big breasted, petite, blonde, the list goes on and on. The adjectives used to describe these desires are simple, quick and one-dimensional. Despite their minimalism, they got the job done and the thriving porn industry is proof of this.

Women, on the other hand, cannot typically reach their desires by typing in a single erotic adjective. The quest for orgasmic material reaches far beyond the male-friendly, single adjective technique. When a woman searches for pornography she typically seeks both an attractive male and female. Both have to be of her taste and have no physical abnormalities (such as an unsightly penis piercing or unkempt bikini line). Once the actors are to her liking, she can slowly ease into it, but with the slightest wrong move (such as a switch from vaginal to anal intercourse or fallatio-gone-too-long), she is over it and on to the next video, which only continues to lengthen the already arduous process.

Why? I could be the ultimate feminist with my response and claim that it is because women are just so beautifully complicated and thus cannot be expected to simply get off from any old uncouth version of pornography. Nevertheless, women have been proven to be more detail-oriented than men. They also have more success in achieving orgasm when both their minds and bodies are completely consumed with erotic notion. Put these two particulars together and you have a sexual triumph equation that relies on the detail-oriented mind of a woman being half or sometimes more than half responsible for the blissful end result that pornography aims to yield.

In summation, women have it tough. They must venture through the World Wide Web’s mess of sometimes-unappetizing pornography in order to find enough ideal erotic details to fuel their ultimate satisfaction. The journey may be a long one, but I’ll assure you that the women who travel it do not travel alone, and if you ask around you may get some tips on places to look where penis piercings and unkempt bikini lines won’t be an issue.

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