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Facebook Security

Just about everyone has a Facebook account nowadays. It is the largest social network and is still growing and changing with over half of a million users.

Facebook may have security measures to keep private information safe and it may respect the privacy of its users, but nothing put on the Internet is ever truly private and safe. Employers are even looking up potential hires on Facebook now.

Think about that the next time you are posting your underage self holding a can of beer. All names have been omitted to ensure complete honesty from interviewees.

Student One is a twenty-year- old female sophomore.

The Sandspur: Have you ever posted a photo of you drinking on Facebook?

Student 1: Yes.

TS: Is your address, phone number, or any other personal info posted on your Facebook?

S1: (Hesitantly) Yeah…

TS: Do you have security settings on your Facebook?

S1: Yeah. Only my friends can see it.

TS: How many friends do you have on your Facebook?

S1: Um, like over a thousand.

TS: So is it not possible that someone you do not really know could slip by in that thousand and gain access to your Facebook?

S1: I never thought of that. We all have so many friends on our Facebooks. There is a risk to your safety by having people you do not know as your friend on Facebook. Student Two is a twenty-two-year-old male senior.

TS: Have you ever posted photos of you drinking with someone who is underage on your Facebook?

Student 2: Yeah. I’ve had quite a few parties with them.

TS: Has anyone that you would not want seeing these photos seen them?

S2: I hope not.

TS: If an employer were to look at your “life” do you think you would look like a good potential employee?

S2: They won’t look at my Facebook. I’ve never had one who has.

TS: But you just said you did not know who was looking at your Facebook, so how would you know?

S2: [silence] … I don’t. I get your point. The point is exactly that. You never know who is looking at your Facebook. The site is not secure no matter how secure it may seem. A good rule of thumb is a twist on an old familiar saying: If you don’t have anything nice to post, don’t post anything at all.

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