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Find Your Voice! Get Involved with Student Government

Did you know that Rollins College has a Student Government Association (SGA)? A surprisingly large number of students have no idea SGA exists. The Student Government Association is Rollins’ student-organized governing body, bringing the student voice to the Rollins’ community and campus-wide programs. SGA contains representation from all class years and major campus organizations, allowing the governing body of Rollins to know what the student body is thinking.

In simple terms, SGA is a liaison between the student body and the administration. Rollins’ small population allows students to get very involved in the governing of their college. SGA provides students with the power to change aspects of academic affairs and student life on campus. These students work hand-in-hand with faculty members and decision-makers throughout campus.

In addition to the legislation and work done to improve campus life, SGA also plans and orchestrates many of the most popular events on campus. Fox Day, LipSync, and TARnival are all thanks to the representatives of the student body. Currently, SGA is already preparing for Rollins’ 125th anniversary, homecoming, and the Rolly Trolly (a cheap way to get to the airport during the holiday season).

Interested? SGA is currently making preparations for the upcoming campaigning process. Each class elects four Senators who will represent them throughout the year. Next week, students will be campaigning for votes in a variety of ways, with posters, giveaways, fliers, and more. The five days of campaigning will be followed by a three-day election period. Each major organization on campus also appoints one senator to represent them in SGA. The appointment process differs for each organization, so if you are interested, please contact the organization you hope to represent.

This mixture of senators allows the entire student body to be heard. Once elected or appointed to be a senator, a student can join different committees involving various aspects of student life.

If you fail to win an office, but still want to get involved, all of the SGA meetings are open to everyone. Feel free to attend a meeting and voice your opinion about upcoming legislation or events on campus. Also, make sure to check out the many committees run by SGA – students can join event-specific committees, help with SGA events, and run for the Executive Board at the end of the year without being elected to office.

Why get involved with SGA? Whether a first-year or upperclassman, any student will learn how Rollins operates on a variety of different levels. Even a first year can accomplish a lot – current Public Relations Chair Ben Varnum ’13 was elected chairperson of the Dining Services Committee his first year at Rollins. Varnum got involved because his peer mentors recommended SGA to him, and he was able to make a huge impact on Rollins’ Dining Services during his first year on campus.

To learn further information about Rollins College’s Student Government Association, follow each week’s article in The Sandspur or contact President Nick Horsman (, Vice President Laura Berk ( or Public Relations Chair Ben Varnum ( If you are interested in running for a senate position, please contact one of these individuals as soon as possible.

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