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Fox Day 2012: SGA Email

The Sandspur broke the news via Facebook and Twitter that buses would not be provided to the beach on Fox Day yesterday evening. The Student Government Association then sent the following email out to students campus-wide:
Spring Break is over, which can only mean one thing…Fox Day could be right around the corner! As always, SGA is excited to sponsor another great year, and to clear up any confusion or rumors, we would like to inform you about this year’s exciting changes.
The Rollins administration and SGA were informed by Chase’s at New Smyrna Beach after Fox Day 2011 and Cocoa Beach after Fox Day 2010 that we were not welcome back due to vandalism, irresponsible and negligent behavior incongruent with the Rollins mission of responsible leadership and global citizenship.
In order to protect the safety and wellness of the Rollins student body, we are excited to offer more on-campus activities on Fox Day, ultimately building greater community within the entire Rollins family.
In the past, only a minority number of students went to the beaches while many students stayed around campus with very few options. This year the activities will include all students, especially our athletes and those who appreciate sleeping in and studying. Fox Day is a day to celebrate the Rollins community, and new on-campus traditions will help make it so!
Rollins needs to continue this beloved tradition, but only with a much needed change in behavior.    

Please check out this survey to offer feedback for on-campus activities: 
FOX DAY 2012
Allie Mozzicato, President
Sam Pieniadz, Vice President
Brent Turner, Advisor
See today’s front page story [Fox Day: Now What?] for more information and follow The Sandspur on Facebook and Twitter for the latest Fox Day updates.


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  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    what the email fails to convey: the reason there was so much vandalism and irresponsible behavior is because Chases was incredibly understaffed. It seems SOMEONE on the planning committee forgot to notify the only bar on the beach that there would be a “minority number” of Rollins students visiting the beach right outside of their bar. I think the change in behavior that is needed is on the part of the planning committee.

  3. Don't Want to Say Don't Want to Say

    The school did notify Chases. They just didn’t believe how many people would show up. But the school did call Chases and they decided not to act on it.

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