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BYOB and BBQ at the FSL tailgate

This past Thursday, FSL held a tailgate to gather students for the upcoming women’s lacrosse game. The different fraternities and sororities partnered up to help out with the event, as well as to make sure students were present and participating.

The event featured free food from Four Rivers and also allowed alcohol on the premise so long as the container was checked in at the front. This is the first time that alcohol has been allowed at an on-campus tailgate event, showing that the FSL community is reaching out to trust the student body.

Overall, the tailgates often act as great ways for students to bond and prepare for the upcoming game. Greek life is especially promoted at these events, since sororities and fraternities partner up to set up games and food. This year, the pairings were Chi Omega and Lambda Chi Alpha, Chi Psi and NCM, Phi Delta Theta and ADPi, SAE and KD, Alpha Omicron Pi and X-Club, and DZ and TKE.

Together this community set up games like corn hole and football and allowed students to mingle in easy situations over free food and excitement for the upcoming game. Additionally, the new rule allowing alcohol at the event not only shows how the FSL community is trying its best to trust students but also allows students to bond over a drink.

The tailgates usually come together to support the team playing that evening, which happened to be women’s lacrosse. Once the game begins, the students attending the tailgate walk over to the field to support and cheer on the lacrosse team as a group.

It’s best to attend these events as early as possible so you can get food while you still can, since Four Rivers ran out after about an hour or so. However, there was still a stall selling hot dogs and other food set up for students who came later in the tailgate. The tailgate serves as a fun and relaxed way to partner up with another Greek organization and encourage school spirit at the women’s lacrosse game.

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