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To search and apply for our open positions, please go to Handshake (sign in with your Rollins credentials at this link) and search “Sandspur.” We most frequently hire during the beginning and end of semesters.

Anyone interested in writing is welcome to attend our Sandspur Orientation meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2019. Time and location TBA. We do not require formal applications for freelance writers; all are welcome! Email with any questions.

Writing & Editing

Freelance Writer (paid per article after 7 published articles)
Contribute articles on their own schedule. Write stories, either of their own design or through workshopping an idea at our weekly Article Assignment meetings (almost) every Sunday at 7 p.m.

Staff Writer (paid on stipend)
Contribute two to three articles per issue. Write stories, either of their own design or through workshopping an idea at our weekly general meeting on Mondays at 6. Reporters may cover a regular beat, and some may write columns regularly.

Beat Reporters (paid per article after 7 published articles)
Write once a week on a specific area related to campus. Bring your own article ideas from your area to Article Assignment each week. Become an expert on one part of Rollins College. Focus areas can include campus news, academic affairs, student organizations, FSL, sports, theater, alumni, and more.

Columnist (paid per article after 7 published articles)
Contribute one article per week for column.

Copy Editor (paid on stipend, work on Sundays and Mondays)
Edit stories for AP style, grammar, and content.

Section Editor (paid on stipend, typically work 4 hrs. per week Monday nights)
Write headlines, drop-headlines, and photo captions.

Design & Photography

Designer (paid on stipend, typically work 4 hrs. per week Monday nights)
Create layout spreads in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. May create assigned artwork to accompany an article. May involve freehand or computer generated drawings. Work Monday and Tuesday evenings

Photo Editor (paid on stipend, typically work 8 hrs. per week throughout the week)
Find, take, and edit photos for each week’s publication. Assign photography jobs to photographers.

Photographer (paid per event photographed after 7 events photographed)
Take photos around campus for specific articles to amass a collection of pictures for future use by the newspaper and/or for use on this website.

Illustrator (paid per illustration used)
Creates artwork assigned by the staff for use in accompanying an article or appearing on the cover. May involve freehand or computer-generated drawings.

Cartoonist (paid per illustration used)
Creates editorial cartoons or weekly cartoons for the paper or website.

Web and Multimedia

Digital Content Editor (formerly named Web Editor) (paid on stipend; needs to be available Wednesdays)
Manages website including design, content planning, uploading content, promotion, and maintenance.

Digital Content Manager (formerly named Web Content Manager) (paid on stipend; needs to be available Wednesdays)
Upload all content to website for online publication of paper on Thursdays.

Webmaster (paid on stipend)
Manages technical side of website.

Video Department (paid on stipend)
Help develop this new division of The Sandspur. Positions include archivists, videographers, video editors, screenwriters, and talent spots.

Business & Public Relations

Public Relations Coordinator (paid on stipend)
Manage the PR department including interns and social media manager. Run weekly meetings, plan events, and maintain social media presence.

Social Media Manager (paid on stipend)
Oversee management of all Sandspur social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn).

Ad Manager (paid on stipend)
Manages and recruits ad reps.

Ad Rep (paid on commission)
Sells ads to national and local businesses and earns commission on completed sales.

Archivist (paid on stipend)
Manage all past issues of The Sandspur through print and virtual archives.

Production Assistants (paid on stipend)
Assist with tasks as assigned by General Manager during regular work hours each week.

The Sandspur is also open to anyone interested in other positions of their own design as well.

As mentioned above, our only open staff positions are posted on Handshake; please use Handshake instead of this application form. However, feel free to use this form’s questions to inspire your resume and cover letter.

Can’t see the below form? See this application.