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Just Another Predictable Rom-Com

The best way to watch Just Go With It is to simply just go with it.

Although I missed the first 20 minutes of the movie, I was able to catch on to the obvious storyline in three minutes. The constant puns and one-liners were mediocre, at best. I have never been a huge fan of Adam Sandler, so the smutty humor and crude jokes were what I expected.

Even though many of the jokes are entirely unnecessary, the movie is not nearly as bad as what many reviewers are making it out to be. Yes, it’s predictable; yes, parts of it is just plain bad; and yes, I still hold that Adam Sandler does not belong in a romantic comedy, but, to its credit, Sandler and Aniston have decent chemistry, and the movie is better than many other modern romantic comedies.

The romance, though unrealistic, is cute and ties back into the feeling of familiarity and relationships blooming out of friendship. The fi lm contrasts quite well the love-at-first-sight expectations with the satisfaction of realizing exactly what a friend means to you. Even though I found it easy to tell from the first moments when both Sandler and Aniston appeared on the screen that they would end up together, the path they took to get there was orchestrated nicely, even if it is a bit cheesy.

The film’s humor is far too sporadic. Nick Swardson as Sandler’s character’s cousin is a comedic nightmare. The character seemingly meant as a fun decoy turned into merely an annoying bout of bad and inappropriate jokes. One particular scene where Swardson attempts to revive an unconscious sheep by giving it mouth-to-mouth and performing the Heimlich Maneuver is too awful for words.

The children, on the other hand, partially made up for the bad jokes falling short. Bailee Madison as Maggie was full of enough sarcasm and wit to carry the movie, while Griffin Gluck’s quiet manipulation as Michael was oft en much more humorous than the lewd phrases tossed out by the older, but clearly not more mature, cast.

Just Go With It was definitely not the best movie I have ever seen, but it was far from the worst. If you want a few laughs, wait until the movie comes out on DVD and rent it from your local library for free. The movie may be worth two hours of your time, but it is not worth the $11 you would have to hand over at a movie theater.

If you do choose to go see the movie, just remember to sit back and just go with whatever happens.

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