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One “Mean” Social

On Thursday, Sept. 9, Spectrum hosted an ice cream social in the Bush Science Center. Spectrum is the on-campus LGBTQQIA group. For those of you new to this abbreviation, it stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex and ally. Spectrum is a social and activist organization that works to foster a safe and welcoming community, as well as take a social stand against oppression.

Spectrum works not only within Rollins, but also in the Central Florida community with groups like Orlando Youth Alliance, the Zebra Coalition and The Center, the oldest LGBT community center in Florida. Spectrum participates in the Orlando Pride Parade and in various AIDS and STD awareness programs that will be going on throughout the year on campus.

Last Thursday was Spectrum’s second meeting. Business was discussed fi rst, but as soon as the ice cream arrived, the “business” ended and everyone dove right in! The ice cream social was held in the “Million Dollar Room” and the movie “Mean Girls” was played.

“Mean Girls” is one of the most widely known movies that addresses LGBTQQIA on a school campus. Everyone had a great time and the social had very relaxed atmosphere. “I had a great time! We all loved the movie and enjoyed each other’s company!” said Taylor Sorrel ’14, a Spectrum member. “We were really pleased with the event and had a great turnout,” said Ashley Green ’11 who serves on the Spectrum executive board. “We were glad to just have an event that we all could sit back and relax and eat ice cream.”

Though the semester has just begun, Spectrum has already held two meetings and the ice cream social, in addition to partnering up to help hand out free Qurans in protest of the proposed Quran burning last week.

Spectrum is looking forward to a new year full of exciting events on campus to educate the community about LGBTQQIA. To fi nd out more, check out a Spectrum meeting; this year, the meetings are in Bush 120 at 5:15 p.m. every Thursday.

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