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Outlook Not Good

Not everyone at Rollins likes the new Microsoft Outlook email system. Indeed, the discontent circulating among the incoming students at Rollins seems to have spread to the point where many upperclassmen are objecting to the transition.

Many incoming students had their very lives organized around a personal e-mail account. Some of them are upset that this simplicity has been taken away.“ I find that it was far easier for me to access and navigate my way through my old email account,” says Robert Burrows, Class of 2014.

“I feel as if having this extra account will make me not want to check my e-mail at all, just because of how much more effort it takes to log in,” Burrows continued. This may seem lazy, but the sentiment is shared by a considerable amount of the school population.

In response to the students’ outcry against the new system, the faculty remains defensive of the reasoning that led them to choose Outlook. They believe that such an ancillary email account will help Rollins students by making priority e-mail simple and easy to see, thus curbing the number of students that miss vital information about schedules or assignments.

While this is a notable fear, many students wonder if it was truly necessary to institute Outlook in the first place.

“After all” says student Thomas Byrne, Class of 2014, “most of the internet email providers have folders and tags. Why couldn’t students just organize their e-mails on their own?”

And so, the conversation will continue to echo within the walls of Rollins. Whether or not Outlook is right for our school, it is clearly here to stay.

“I know it’s too late for change this year, classes have already started… but maybe they could offer us an option next year.” says Byrne. “That way, students could decide for themselves which was better.”

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