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Press Release: Seventeen Imperatives


Winter Park, FL  October 27, 2014 11:07 a.m. EST – Armed with the findings from his landmark four-year study on what ails America, National Community Activist, Will Graves, calls for seventeen imperatives aimed at reversing America’s unprecedented decline.  All led by National Community Activists.

National Community Activists. The time has come.

A Preface To The Four-Year Study Findings By The Study C.E.O. In His Own Words.

I’ve always been an eternal optimist.  I still am.  The good news is that most of our problems can be solved by how people think and act.  The bad news is that most of our problems are caused by how people think and act.  Yes, this country has galvanized support and shown remarkable resilience in the face of armed conflict, economic calamity, natural disasters, and acts of terrorism.  We’re the world’s best when it comes to reacting to problems.  Unfortunately, prevention is not our strong suit.

Since 2007, when this study began, the United States has been experiencing a precipitous decline in competitive position worldwide.  We’re trading on the strength of our brand equity while secure in the knowledge that our vast military superiority can hold competitive threats at bay, if all else fails.  That’s a bankrupt philosophy in a world proliferating with nuclear weapons.  We’re going to have to succeed on our own merits in a world plagued by overpopulation, poverty, and scarcity of resources.

A critical insight gleaned from my landmark four-year study (not including three years of “due diligence” to protect objectivity) is that our world-beating “firefighter” status is at risk.  Rather than extinguishing the flames, which is analogous to solving our problems, we’re spraying kerosene on the flames.  Worse still, a large chunk of our general populace fan the flames unknowingly.

Will Graves

The Washington Library

The Homestead

Hot Springs, VA

July 29, 2011

Without any allegiance to any agenda, partisan leanings or preconceived notions, Study C.E.O., Will Graves, stresses that he has taken great pains over a period of years to make certain that the seventeen imperatives nail the seventeen most pressing competitiveness problems America faces today.  Mr. Graves goes on to say, “This is all about what’s right; not what’s politically expedient.  Data won’t solve these problems.  Accurately assessing America’s competitiveness problems is a start.  National Community Activists executing actions plans, based on these imperatives, can do what Washington hasn’t been able to accomplish.”

Why require U.S. citizens to vote in every U.S. presidential election?  “Simple,” exclaims Will Graves.  “It’s the single most effective action that every U.S. Citizen can take to improve our country.  Ultra-conservatives and ultra-liberals are whipsawing our presidential elections from one extreme to another, leaving tens of millions disillusioned in between.  Tens of millions of them act out their frustration by not voting which wreaks havoc on our electoral system.  Similar to what “special interests” do.

All U.S. citizens are required by law to purchase vehicle insurance, file income tax returns, purchase health insurance, and serve on juries.  As important as those responsibilities are, according to Graves, “A presidential vote covers all aspects of our personal and business lives.  The evidence is overwhelming that tens of millions of U.S. citizens don’t really know what they’re voting for beyond a party platform.  If that.  We no longer elect candidates; we elect party platforms.  And our country is close to ungovernable as a result.”

The Study C.E.O., Will Graves, adds, “We’re so busy with our personal and business lives that it’s often a T.V. ad buy a week or two before a presidential election that sways the undecided.  Uniformed voters are particularly susceptible to political manipulation that can easily work against their best interests.  There’s no panacea, but required presidential votes will significantly improve our country by causing more better informed voters to vote.

CLOSE YOUR EYES…Bullets are whizzing overhead.  Bombs are detonating in the distance.  Our men and women in uniform are mailing their absentee U.S. presidential election ballots while fighting to preserve your right to do the same.  Are you sure you can’t take a few minutes to mail your absentee ballot?  Just a few minutes every four years.  To participate in our democracy rather than sit on the sidelines as a spectator.  The single most effective action you can take to improve our country.

“Let’s get required U.S. presidential votes done by the end of 2017.  And the same goes for the sixteen other Old Greenwich ImperativesSM to be released in the future,” exclaims Graves.

Will Graves adds, “Please consider this my volunteer donation to the American people.”

Publisher’s Note: Chief Executive magazine (10/7/08) documented the first published use of the term “National Community Activist”  in a piece written by National Community Activist, Will Graves, who coined the term.  Please Google, “National Community Activist.”

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Will Graves

Study C.E.O. and Publisher

The Old Greenwich Imperatives



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