Remembering Brennan Bennett

April 5, 2018 Features

Brennan Bennett was a beloved son, brother, and member of the Rollins community. He is remembered as a caring friend, teammate, and talented scholar.

As a member of the junior varsity baseball team, Bennett loved watching and playing baseball all his life. He played infield for the Tars this year after transferring from Furman University. His teammates admired his natural poise on the field and love for the game; he was always looking to take one more extra ground ball during practice.

As a student, Bennett was a sophomore physics major with a keen interest in outer space and the cosmos. Terri Pyle, Bennett’s humanities professor, recalls just how smart, polite, and intellectually deep Bennett was.

Pyle said, “Everyone you meet here at Rollins—student, professor, athlete—has something to share and can totally open up your world if you just listen. I appreciated the talks Brennan and I had together in the short time that I knew him.”            

During her time as Bennett’s professor, he opened her mind up to a new Netflix series, “Cosmos: a Spacetime Odyssey,” and gave her some downtime reading on the subject, too.

Pyle remembers one of Bennett’s last papers and still has a photo she took of it while grading it alongside the Turkish Marmara Sea and mountains of Kocaeli—the paper was too good not to capture. His writing was fluent and thoughtful; he was a talented scholar with an open mind. He received an “A” on the paper.

Bennett shared an article with Pyle, titled “The Cosmic Perspective” by Neil Degrasse Tyson from the Natural History Magazine. The article touches on how different people, depending on their socioeconomic status and lifestyle, experience and view the cosmos. One line in the article reads, “We are not simply in the universe, the universe is in us.”

Bennett, wherever you are now, in the cosmos or not, you and your family will always be in the Rollins community’s thoughts. Rest in peace.

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