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Student Profile: Ariane Rosen

Ariane Rosen ’11 has made an incredible mark on Rollins’ campus during her four years here. Due to all of her hard work, she has recently been accepted to graduate school at Cambridge University in England. Read below to learn more about this awesome student.

Hometown: Hollywood, Fla.

Major: International Relations

Minor: Creative Writing

Interesting Facts: I have a twin brother studying at the University of Florida. Also, this is my fourth year studying Mandarin Chinese.

What activities have you been involved in at Rollins over the years? I started Rollins Model United Nations with my friends during freshman year, and the club is still going strong. I was an RA in Ward Hall and Elizabeth Hall. I was in the philosophy club for two years. I also serve on the Academic Honor Council and am co-president of the Cornell Council. In addition, I am a member of the Interfaith Living Learning Community.

What was your favorite part of your Rollins’ experience? I love my friends. I also love that everyone (professors, administration and classmates) genuinely cares and wants everyone to do their best and make the most out of their time here, even if it sometimes leads to things like embarrassing Sandspur interviews. Ultimately, the support and feeling of community here are amazing.

What should every student do before leaving Rollins?

1. Study abroad: It broadens your worldview, shows you things you’d never imagine, and is something you’ll never forget.

2. Alternative Spring Break (or other service immersion): My ASB trip to Washington, D.C. and my week in Detroit made me a better person and have encouraged me to be an active participant. You can actually make change instead of just letting it happen.

3. See shows: RIP and the theater department both put on amazing shows. What’s better than going with your friends to see your other friends perform?

4. Get Involved: Join a club. If the club you want doesn’t exist, make it. Your college experience is what you make it.

What do you plan to do after you graduate? That’s a tough one. I’m keeping my options open. Grad school in England? Then maybe a PhD? We’ll see how things go. I think I want to become a professor.

I’m not quite ready to leave academia yet. I also want to travel and write. Perhaps write about my travels.

Maybe others will want to read my stories and even publish them someday.

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