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Study tips we can’t live without


Studying is not, and will never be, considered fun; even if you love to learn but hate every aspect of studying, though, it is still an essential part of your way of life.

There are many different ways to study, such as writing out everything, typing out study guides, reading through your textbooks, or using flashcards. Of course there is always the option of not studying, but if you take that option and still do well in tests, just about everyone probably envies your retention skills, and probably also hates you.

Since April is here, I figured a few studying tips would benefit us all; it is important to get on top of your work in order to survive.

One: Sit down and do it. I believe the hardest part of actually studying is beginning. I will tell myself I need to study, but I will put it off saying, “I can do it later.”

Two: Study ahead of time. Even if it is just a few days before, it is better to start early rather than cramming 24 hours before a test. By prepping yourself early, you will be able to retain more and give yourself a break. Take 10 minutes every day for each subject and read over your notes.

Three: Study in an area that will allow you to work efficiently. Studies have shown that studying in the classroom or area where the exam will be taken helps with retention. If you are easily distracted, a study room or a quiet area will probably benefit you the most. If you need some background activity, maybe a public area like a coffee shop or Olin Library’s second floor will suffice.

Four: Study breaks are essential for you sanity. Getting up and walking around after sitting for 30 minutes is a great way to release some tension. Some people like to snack, while others might like to play games on their phone. Do whatever works for you.

These are basically universal rules that all of us should remember. April is a crazy month, so by staying on top of studying and your work, you will fare better than those who try cramming. Good luck to everyone, and stay sane. For more studying tips, see our article from last semester’s finals

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