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The Awesome Athletes of Rollins

Though the school year has only just begun, Rollins athletes are not sitting still. Even before the first day of class, the soccer, swim, and volleyball teams, to name a few, have been going through some grueling pre-season conditioning. Now that classes have started, the pres­sure is on.

Shelby Kesic ’14 was one student involved in this condi­tioning. Signed on for the soccer team, she says the pre-season practice “was tough, especial­ly after orientation started.” However, with a laugh, she dis­missed the early morning work­outs as being “totally worth it.”

Kesic is looking forward to this year and the benefits that come with being a part of such a hardworking team saying, “I met a strong group of people and the practice will keep me out of trouble.”

While some of the sports at Rollins have been going on for weeks, many teams are only just starting. Athletes like Adam Ogburn ’14 and Sterling Wiren ’14 are getting excited. These as­piring Tars are also considering their expectations for the year.

Ogburn has been playing baseball since he was 5 years old. He is hoping his 13 years of experience will get him a spot on the team. The prospect of such a commitment does not scare him. “I think being on the team will make me responsible, as well as keep my grades in line,” says Ogburn.

Wiren is going to try out for the crew team. When asked if he was in the least bit intimidated about the commitment in join­ing the team, he responded that he was not worried. “I really like the intensity that people seem to bring to crew. I think I’m ready for the dedication it requires.”

He even believes that hav­ing such a commitment is go­ing to help his academic life. “I think it’ll get me involved in the Rollins community, and it’ll fill up my free time. I won’t be able to just go out whenever I want. I’ll need to really manage what I need to do, and by when.”

Even as worthwhile as the official sports teams are, not everyone has the time. Luck­ily, there are options for those students too. Intramural teams are very active on campus and offer a diversity of sports, rang­ing from tennis to Frisbee to wakeboarding. And if students cannot find the sport they want, they can always just start it up themselves.

Peyton White ’14 is already doing just that. “I want to form a completely girls flag football team.” As for going against the standard co-ed model, White remarks, “I’ve done all girls flag football before. I love the thrill of playing a boys sport with an all-girls team.”

For those ladies who are interested, White invites you to “find me on Facebook. Mes­sage me about flag football and we can get started. We want you there.”

It is clear that the Rollins athletic population is busy and off to a fantastic start. These stu­dents deserve the respect and support of our campus commu­nity.

If you want to see the Tars in action, there is a women’s soccer exhibition vs. Flagler to­night and men’s soccer will be up against Florida Memorial on Sept. 3. Both games will kick off at 7 p.m.

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