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The Backsliders Bring Back the Blues

The Backsliders (oft en printed “THe BAcksliders”) are a rock group from Dallas, Texas, something made apparent by the title of their latest album, THe BAcksliders from Dallas, Texas. A laid-back sort of rock band, The Backsliders have a classic rock-influenced sound with a blues tinge that eliminates from lead vocalist Kim Bonner’s rough, rock ‘n’ roll voice that is well suited for not only the harder songs on the album but the ballads as well. The Backsliders are known for their enthusiastic live performances and for being personable on stage. They have also won a variety of rock and blues awards.

The Backsliders can be compared to The Ramones due to their concise songwriting and driving sound. The lyrics range from depicting fun and the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle to love and heartbreak, which are staples of direct, straight-up rock with a blues influence.

According to Pegasus News, some of the band’s influences include X, The Doors, David Bowie, Pixies and Queen. The more traditional hard rock songs from their latest album are, “I Don’t Even Want to Talk to You,” “Regular Nights” and “Getaway Driver.”

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that The Backsliders had a few balladesque songs, including “Turn On Your Radio” and “Happier,” that made me want to sing and follow the melodies. However, my favorite was definitely “I Don’t Feel It Anymore.”Anybody interested in laid-back rock music with a nostalgic feel and a taste for blues will definitely enjoy THe BAcksliders from Dallas, Texas.

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