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The Creatives Sparks Artistic Interest in Students

During the week of Jan. 20, members of the campus community received an e-mail that sparked the artistic curiosity of quite a few students. The Creatives held its first meeting of the semester that day at 6 p.m. in the art building. “We discussed our plans for the semester: workshops and other creative events,” said Creatives club founder, Airam Dato-on ‘13.

Dato-on started The Creatives during the fall 2010 semester. A group of people who aspire to play with various forms of art, The Creatives hosts an assortment of artistic events on campus and within the club meetings. “We bring out creativity from each one of us,” said Dato-on. “We have held several workshops to let our creative juices flow from within. We also watch movies about artists or art movements to witness and learn how certain creativity or challenges came about.”

The fascination with The Creatives caused many people to attend the first and second meeting. As the artistic/creative aspect is a vital characteristic of many model Rollins students, no doubt that there would be something for most if not all students attending Rollins. “Although most of the members are studio art and art history majors/minors/double majors,” shares Dato-on. “we have an English major and Music major. We also have several students who participated in our workshops who were international business majors and all other sorts.”

Previously, The Creatives have brought in artist Bren Bataclan, well-known for the Smile Boston project (also known as the “Everything Will Be All Right” series). They have also held two workshops in graffiti and typography, respectively. Dato-on has stated that “We are planning to hold other workshops like making and using pin hole cameras, human figure drawing sessions and maybe some screen printing or linoleum printing. ”He has also noted that the club hosts movie nights.

For the second Creatives club meeting, members viewed the graffiti documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop. The documentary took an inward look at street artists and a video camera fiend of French origin named Thierry Guetta. He filmed anything and everything, and the film shows how he documented those street artists and impacted the graffiti art that many remember and admire. The documentary covered several well-known street artists such as Shepard Fairey, of the Obama “Hope” poster fame, Guetta’s own cousin Space Invader, and the most unlikely of all to allow himself to be filmed, the reclusive Banksy.

The club enjoyed under an hour of the documentary and reacted with enthusiasm regarding the film’s look at artists-Banksy in particular–and even exchanged differing opinions on them (one attendee remembers seeing the art of Banksy in England and was intrigued by it, while another thought of his work as rather boring). Despite these discrepancies in opinions, the meeting stimulated conversation about artistic entities. Since the movie runs for over an hour, the group will finish watching it at their next meeting.

As a forum of varying creative and artistic ideas, many Rollins students with an artful edge will find a haven with The Creatives.

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