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The Possibility of 24-Hour Fitness

Rollins’ Student Government Association (SGA) recently passed a resolution that would turn the Alfond Sports Center into a 24-hour facility. If approved by the administration, the new policy will allow certain or all parts of the Alfond Sports Center to be open to students, faculty, and staff all day and night.

If passed, the new policy will create work-study positions at the staff desk for late-night hours to ensure that someone is on duty at all times. This would mirror the work-study positions held in the 24-hour lab of the Olin Library.

Some showed a concern for the security of the building if it remained open through the night. Therefore, the policy will also add the Alfond Sports Center as a stop for Campus Security on the nightly rounds so that the facility will be safe while open at night. The newly installed R-Card-required entrance will also help ensure the safety of the facility.

Students have a wide range of opinions on this possibility. Swimmer Christine Bianco ’14 does not like the policy. “I honestly don’t think it should be open 24 hours a day, but maybe more hours than it is already. Part of [my reasoning] could be that I don’t want there to be people around when I’m doing my swimming workouts in the morning. I do think people would take advantage of it, though.”

Sanjay Rana ’14 thought it would be a “good idea,” and said that he would “definitely take advantage of it.” Member of the crew team, Katy Hoyer ’14, agrees with a resounding “Good idea!” Hoyer would without a doubt take advantage of the new hours and believes that many other students she knows would as well. Look out for more information about this resolution next semester.

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