Sexperts: Yummy Sex

While sex with your partner is always a good old time in the beginning of a relationship, it has the tendency to become routine — even boring. This week, I’m here to add some sugar and spice to the sex that used to be splendid, but lately seems to lack luster.

Those of you who have consistently good sex can benefit from this as well. Sex is a constant adventure, and even the great sexers of our generation should try something fun and different every once in a while.

That’s why I will be offering pointers on what I like to call “Yummy Sex.” Everybody loves sex and everybody loves food, so why not combine the two? Given the right treats and the right techniques, you and your partner can have a terrific gastrosexual experience with each other. A little nibbling and licking becomes even more rewarding for both parties when food is involved.

And I’m not suggesting that you slap some ravioli on your girlfriend’s body and go to town. I have, instead, a more appealing and sensual list of delicacies to drizzle and drip all over your partner’s more intimate regions.
First I’ll start off with the classics: whipped cream and chocolate syrup. There are a couple ways you can use romance’s favorite condiments, but one of the most exciting is to involve them in a sort of game. Put whipped cream in all the spots where you want your partner to focus their attention.

Rather than simply turning your privates into a wannabe Santa Claus, be strategic with your application. It’ll give you the pleasure you want and give your partner some insight as to what some of your hot spots are. As far as the syrup goes, make a chocolaty trail along your body. Send your partner on a wild goose chase, with pit stops at all the places that make you tingle. If you are particularly ambitious, combine the two to create an edible pleasure map: encompass all the places you want your partner to visit and a trail to keep you both entertained along the way.

If you want to deviate from the traditional sexy snacks, try experimenting with fun candies. Stores are lined with a number of different sweets, but none are more daring and explosive than Pop Rocks.

Kissing does not have to be just another step toward sex; make it a special event on its own. Throw some Pop Rocks on your tongue and turn regular old tonsil hockey into a firework show.

Take your sizzling tongue to a couple other select areas and see how your partner likes the new sensation. Candy necklaces can be quite enticing as well, if you slip one around your neck or wear one as a garter. Heck, why not do both? Make your partner bite off one bead at a time and reward them with a treat of your own.

Yummy Sex can be tailored to suit your desires and preferences, as well as those of your partner. If you don’t like chocolate syrup, go grab some honey from the pantry and try it out. Find your favorite flavors, make a mess, and have fun.

There is just one rule you cannot break when it comes to Yummy Sex: the food should stay away from all sensitive orifices, except from the mouth of course. Sugars and oils can foster quite a selection of bacteria and infections. Good sex is safe sex and nobody wants a sour surprise after a sweet evening with his or her lover.

So whip out the goodies and turn each other into sundaes. Just make sure to keep the cherry on top, not inside.

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