TV Review: Dexter Finale

I’m not going to lie. When I watched the series finale of Dexter, I went in knowing that nobody liked it.

Massive spoiler alert!

As a huge fan of the Dexter series, I have followed the show since 2009 and can proudly say that I have watched every single Dexter episode and that I have loved every moment of it. However, with this final season, I understood why nobody liked the ending. It was ridiculous. Granted, it’s obvious that in order to enjoy this show in the first place you have to experience a degree of disbelief due to the fact that this is going to be a world where you really like the bad guy. Nevertheless, the finale pushed the viewer’s sense of disbelief too far. Who drives their boat up to the side of a hospital in the middle of a hurricane? Better yet, who steals a body in plain sight out of a hospital? That was my problem with this season. I wish that the writers had been a little more creative in letting the plot unfold in a realistic context. But whatever, that’s television.

In the season finale, Dexter kills another serial killer in front of his friends (Batista and Quinn), takes his sister (Deborah) off of life-support, and fakes his death. It’s a sad ending but here’s why I thought it ended the way that it did:

As ridiculous as it was for Dexter to kill someone in the interrogation room at the Miami Police Department, I think that it was necessary because it was an opportunity for his closest peers, Batista and Quinn, to see who he really was, a killer. A killer that got away with murder because he played it as “self-defense”. Again, far-fetched, but I’m okay with that. It was necessary that everyone see a small glimpse into who he really was.

Deborah died, and that it was heartbreaking. I think that this was also necessary because every single season has ended with Dexter dumping a body off of his boat; therefore, it was poetic that this time it was his sister’s. Dexter had always described a feeling of peace and control when killed but when he had to take his sister’s life, he felt a lot of pain and regret. Things that a sociopath never feels, which, made me come to the realization that Deborah’s death was Dexter’s final step into humanity. Along with this, her death also made Dexter realize that having a happy life was “a foolish dream.” Moreover, it was obvious that this ending paralleled with season one’s epic ending in which Dexter kills his biological brother to protect Deborah.

After he dumps the body, he says to himself: “I destroy everyone I love, and I can’t let that happen to Hannah (the love of his life) and Harrison (his son), I have to protect them from me,” and then he drives his boat into the eye of a hurricane to kill himself. Now, in my opinion, that ending would have been perfect– but it didn’t end that way. He does that to make people believe he is dead so that he can take on another identity somewhere in the mountains to live in solitude for the rest of his life… or so we think.

That ending was problematic because he gives up the Argentinian dream life that this season has been all about achieving. But now that he has moved elsewhere, does this mean that he went on to live life as an average Joe in the middle of nowhere? Or that he moved to the middle of nowhere so that he could continue his life as a serial killer without affecting the ones he loves? We will never know. He does not say one word.

Overall, it was a mediocre ending to a mediocre season. Nonetheless, that doesn’t take away the greatness of this show. Now, it’s up to Showtime to fill the void that is going to be left with the ending of the Dexter series.

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