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Vegans celebrate 11th annual Veg Fest


The 11th annual Central Florida Veg Fest was held in Orlando this past Saturday, Oct. 22. With lines of cars and lots of traffic, Veg Fest was crowded with people and the smell of the all-natural food. Some of the concession stands’ lines were so long, they partially blocked the entrance!

The whole festival exuded a free-to-love vibe, making it a pretty chill place to be. Even though it was called “Veg Fest,” it was not all about veggies—the event was rich in culture. In one corner, there were people meditating and doing yoga. There were so many things to offer, including all natural and homemade products, puppet animals, T-shirts, and the opportunity to pet guinea pigs. One of my favorite sections featured the amazing henna designers, who were pretty popular. Throughout the whole time, there was live music, including a Rollins student playing the saxophone.

I loved seeing the variety of clothing styles and the different types of people who wore them—there was even a guy wearing a shirt saying “I LOVE VEGAN GIRLS.” Maybe I should have gotten a shirt like that to fit in. In the back of the event there were numerous items for dogs and even an adoption station. There were puppies in play areas that had such cute eyes and playful character, it was hard to leave. Wherever you turned, there was a dog. I was a little worried about stepping into any accidents, and glad I made it out clean in the end.

Most of the food was a bit pricey, but thankfully there were some places that gave free samples. Veg Fest was definitely more for vegans and healthy people—if you love meat and non-natural treats, it might not be the place for you. The best thing there in my opinion was the culture and the products. It helps out the environment so much. Speakers broadcast information on how we can save so many animals if we lower the amount of meat we can consume. It was both inspiring and educational.

The parking was not hard at all, due to the fact that there was a shopping center not too far that people could park in for free. However, if you wanted to just be at the park, it was a small $5 fee. Overall, it could not have been better—especially in the amazing “sweater weather.”

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