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BroBible Promotes the Bro Lifestyle at Rollins

As you may or may not have heard, BroBible flew down to Winter Park, Florida to take a look at our supposed epitome of the college party life.

On one hand of the spectrum you have students showing these ‘bro’s’ what it’s like to party in the heart of Florida, while on the other hand you have the Office of Community Engagement educating the campus about the more specific alcohol policies in place for the year. I’m sorry… what?

For decades, Rollins College has exceeded itself in its reputation of being a party school. In fact, there used to be a bar where our current bookstore resides, and students would buy kegs with their Rcards! As time goes by, so does the leniency of drinking on not just the Rollins College campus, but college campuses across the country.

However, that was then, and this is now. Over the past couple of years, Rollins has cracked down on campus drinking by clearly defining what it means to be in “possession” of alcohol. Yet, according to the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC), 19% of college students’ ages 18–24 met the criteria for alcohol abuse or dependence.

Drinking may just be a game and a way to enjoy oneself on campus, but, more oft en than not, students get themselves into such a drunken state that they require medical attention. This kind of situation happens despite the campuses’ best eff orts to prevent it and is especially common amongst the Greek organizations on campuses across the country.

This is where the BroBible comes into play. It’s a website that describes itself as “the ultimate destination for Bros, offering them a place to get entertained and keep up with the latest news and trends.” Quite frankly, it exemplifies the role of the typical college male into this God-like figure concerned with scoring chicks, getting wasted, and, unfortunately, watching their grades slowly slip away. The ‘bro’ is a way of life for these boys. They are a species found amongst college campuses nationwide that only serve to hinder the reputation of any institution. It would seem that the BroBible visit to Rollins College might have sent us back to that party reputation of a school.

So what’s the point in me working hard for four years of my college career to earn a reputable education when the BroBible comes along with their beer bongs and kegs to taint the name of the institution on my degree?

You would think that the decision of some to party wouldn’t hinder those who are here to get a solid education towards a profitable future, and yet that does not seem the case. Websites like BroBible promote the party-life, which is factually a dangerous one to live for your health and your future, in order to maintain this fantasy world of the crazy college life.

Even though drinking is a large part of the ‘bro’ lifestyle, so is hooking up with sorority girls. From investigating this Mecca for the ‘bro,’ women merely appear as a recreational hobby to said ‘bro.’

The article outlining the ‘bro’s’ visit to Rollins, which has now been taken down, described the girls at Rollins as “preppy” and “easy;” that is, with a little alcoholic persuasion. Fellow students, is this really what you want your institution to be known as; the party school with no real academic rigor? And to the partiers of Rollins College, by all means, enjoy yourself. You are only at college once. But don’t do so to the point of harming yourself or the image of your school. Don’t forget that you go to college to get an education. Do not risk an education that will last a life-

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