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Reform Education Through Creativity

The education system needs to be reformed. We, currently, educate children to be “prepared” for the 21st century, but how are we supposed to prepare kids when we do not even know what the economy will look like at the end of next week. Unfortunately, we do not live in a society where hard work leads to doing well in school, which could lead to college, and essentially landing a lucrative job as it did in the past. Today’s education system was designed by and for societies of the past, not the present. We can view the current schooling system as factory lines: bells, separate facilities, and, most importantly, separating students by age group. We have this conception that the most important factor in relevance to school is the student’s age. The school system pretty much takes all individualization out of students and places them in a standardized environment.

If we want to change the system for the better, more creativity and individuality needs to be implemented. Instead of teaching children that there is only one correct answer in the back of the book, they need to be taught that creative thinking is much more successful. In order to achieve this goal, an academic revolution must take place. Rollins College, being a liberal arts education, is more successful at doing this than other larger state schools, but unfortunately by the time students get to college, they are already corrupted.

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