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Response to Jack Lane’s “Memoirs of a Past Rollins”

Dear Editor,

I appreciate Jack Lane’s cri du coeur (“Memoirs of a past Rollins” Sandspur 9/19/13) for our community to value the rich historic legacy of the built environment we have all inherited at Rollins. We might disagree about specifics. For instance, I accept that we needed to take down the original Strong Hall because it was no longer habitable without costly renovation, while Jack  might have preferred that the College spend considerably more of our financial resources on restoring that building. But we both agree that we can do things to make sure that our memories of the buildings of Rollins do not fade away. Indeed our own Professor Wenxian Zhang, Head of Special Collections & Archives, working with student collaborators, has already compiled a book on the subject.  Rollins architecture: a pictorial profile of current and historical buildings is available in the Olin Library’s General Collection at LD4721.R73 Z43 2009. It includes a short history of Rollins architecture by Jack Lane and thirty eight pages of “demolished, destroyed, or de-acquisitioned” buildings as well as descriptions of all our current buildings.

Dr. Jonathan Miller

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