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Rollins hires new dining services manager

The vacant position of general manager of Rollins dining services has been given to Christina Cabanilla, who has just returned to Rollins after a ten-year absence. Cabanilla used to work for Sodexo Campus Services, but in her new role she will be responsible for overseeing the finances and managing the employees of Dining Services. Her primary goal, though, is to provide students with the best possible service.

“When I heard that this position at Rollins had opened up,” Cabanilla said, “I wasn’t in that field of work at the time, but I just had to apply. I really wanted to come back.”

During her first years working at Rollins, she made many great friends who she kept in contact with after her return home to Ecuador, where she opened a restaurant that she ran for seven years.

As well as cementing friendships with the colleagues she met during her original time at Rollins, Cabanilla said that the campus felt like home to her. “It’s a wonderful place. I’ve made great relationships.” She was very happy to meet her old colleagues again and hopes to form new relationships while working in her new position.  

She also hopes to foster the same sense of community that she always felt at Rollins. She wants the campus to be like a family and wants to become more involved with the community, something that Rollins is always striving for.

Improving the dining service, though, is a priority for Cabanilla. She wants to give satisfaction to those in her service and, “Most importantly, I want to make sure that the top priority is always the students. The focus should always be them when making decisions.”

It has only been a couple of days since her return to Rollins, but Cabanilla feels like she never left, and says, “Thank you for the warm welcome back!”

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