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Rollins bucket list

Though the community as a whole is small, Rollins hosts several opportunities that students are unaware of.  To make the most out of your Rollins experience, here are ten must-dos to enhance your time here at Rollins.

1. Visit the Rollins Archives

Hidden in the basement level of the Olin Library, there is a rich collection of historical and cultural artifacts specific to Rollins. Within the quiet walls of the space, you can find rich descriptions of what Rollins was like when it was originally founded in 1885 up until present day. Chat with the archivists, look at an old edition of the yearbook or The Sandspur, and learn something new about your college.

2. Attend a play in the Annie Russell Theatre

Rollins’ Department of Theatre & Dance puts together some amazing shows that you must experience at some point before you graduate. The Annie Russell is the longest continuously operating theater in Florida, and features musicals and plays that spotlight student performers. 9 to 5: The Musical, based on a 1980s movie about friendship, love, and following your dreams, will be playing through the end of April on select dates and times. Who knows, you may even get to sit next to the famous Annie Russell ghost who reportedly lives in the theater.

3. Be Present when the fox comes out on Fox Day

Few things are more satisfying than playing Fox Day roulette, waking up early to check if the fox has made its appearance, and being absolutely right. On a day that you think it could be Fox Day, set your alarm for around 6 a.m. and when it rings head out to the flagpole. When you see the President bringing out the Fox, your day will begin in an  incredibly exciting fashion. Plus, you get first dibs on the President’s office’s donuts.

4. Attend a Bach Festival Society event

The Bach Festival Society is the third-oldest continuously operating Bach Festival in the United States and performs throughout the year on the Rollins campus in Knowles Memorial Chapel and Teidtke Hall. They perform choral and orchestral performances. The society also hosts various visiting artists throughout the year, with one upcoming show being “African American Masterpieces: Symphonic Spirituals” on April 21 and 22.

5. Sit in the chapel

Knowles Memorial Chapel is one of the main reasons why the Rollins campus is known for being so beautiful. Its detailed stained glass windows, wood paneling, and spiritual serenity should be witnessed by all Rollins students. Stop by for a mental break between classes, read a book, or just stop and notice the architecture.

6. Go swimming in Lake Virginia

Students joke about it, but few actually hold each other to it. Lake Virginia is a staple to Rollins’ identity and beauty, so grab your friends on the last day of finals and just jump in. It might be a little mucky getting out into the deep end, but, no one said it was the cleanest lake.

7. Go on an immersion

Rollins Immersions take students outside of the community to work on activities and projects in need-based areas. With community service being a central part of Rollins’ mission, every student should experience the feeling of giving back. Plus, you get to meet a ton of new students who share some of the same values as you.

8. Study Abroad

Rollins offers so many outlets to go overseas. If you cannot sacrifice an entire semester abroad, then look into the field studies offered in the winter and summer, or alternative spring breaks. Consider doing the Verano Español trip to Spain, or go totally out of your comfort zone with a venture to Tanzania. P.S.: You can still attend many of these trips the summer after you graduate!

9. Attend a Winter Park Institute speaker event

Hosting famous names like Paul McCartney and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the Winter Park Institute always draws incredible speakers to campus every year. Keep a lookout in your email for upcoming speakers that you will not want to miss learning from.

10. Cheer on the Tars

Across all sports, Rollins Athletics continues to produce some of the best teams in the conference. Grab your friends and make it out to at least one of every sports team’s home games. Rivals like Florida Southern, Saint Leo, and Eckerd always make for great competition!

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