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Ageless Education

Maybe you know someone who dropped out of high school because of wrong choices she made at a young age. Maybe your friend started college years ago and stopped attending due to unexpected circumstances. Maybe she’s in her thirties and lacks the confidence she once had. Well, it shouldn’t matter if she was born in the 1970s where the hit song “Last Dance” by Donna Summer was played in nightclubs or whether she was born in the 1950s where cell phones didn’t exist. Age is just a number and learning at any age is still achievable.

I am here to tell her that it’s never too late and she is never too old to learn. After seven years from being out of school, I decided the time was now to go back to acquire my bachelor’s. I won’t reveal my age, but let’s just say I remember watching the three-repeat championship starring Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. I am wiser than I was and know that education and knowledge are the key to success.

I hope that everyone has heard the saying that “knowledge is power.” Moreover, knowledge and education help people grow as individuals. Students begin to see the unachievable as achievable. We begin to change the way we think and our changing mindsets alter our actions. This learning process helps develop critical thinking skills which aid us in making logical and wiser decisions to create the life we want. Yes, the ultimate goal is to obtain more Benjamin’s in one’s wallet, but walking down the aisle accepting a long overdue diploma may be more self-gratifying.

Let your friend or family member know that although she will encounter burdens along the way, she must believe that all things are possible and act on her beliefs. I am not saying her journey is going to be easy. But the question is: how many times is she going to keep putting off her personal goals?

There are churches and vocational schools which offer GED preparations. Use Google or a local library to see what places offer such programs. For those who want to return to college, let them know that Rollins offers a vast amount of information and numerous educational tracks. Our professors challenge students to be great in their academic endeavors.

Invite them to an open house; we don’t bite! Spread the word about attending the art/science day classes or attend the evening classes as a Hamilton Holt student. Let them know we are a community.

So, today I grant her my blessings of taking charge of her educational endeavors. And for the students who are in school, stick with it and be sure to learn from your mistakes instead of calling it quits.

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