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Announcing New SGA President and VP

Our new student body president is Allie Mozzicato ‘12 and our new vice president is Sam Pieniadz ‘14.

Every spring, Rollins’ Student Government Association (SGA) holds elections to determine the new president and vice president.

Any student in good standing in the school is eligible to run and must submit a hard copy of the SGA application describing qualifications and hopes for achievements to the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership.

After registration, students spend a week campaigning. They may use any medium to campaign: posters, flyers, door-to-door visits, Facebook groups, etc.

Elections were held during the week of March 21, and they continue until at least 40 percent of the student body had voted.

Greg Pierson ‘12, SGA judicial board chair, found it interesting that while the vice presidential race was extremely competitive, only one student ran for president. “I would love to see more students run for SGA president in the future. My two years of service in SGA have taught me how important the SGA body is and, more specifically, how SGA can only function properly with a successful president. Any student who has the opportunity to run for president next spring definitely should.”

Unopposed President Mozzicato is very excited to fill her new position. “As SGA president, I will lead the members of Student Government by example of commitment and leadership.

I would like to see more bills and legislation passed by our senators, as they should be more active and fully participating. Another goal is for SGA to better represent the student body and for the student body to be more aware of what/how SGA is serving them.”

The two candidates for vice president, first-years Ed Leffler and Pieniadz, both campaigned competitively for the office.

Winner Pieniadz cannot wait to work as vice president. “I would like to thank everyone who came out and supported SGA and my campaign over the last week. I am excited for the opportunities we have as Rollins students next year. Let’s do great things on this campus.”

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