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Black Friday State of Mind

When all the turkey is eaten, the table is cleared, and the left overs are stuff ed to the back of the fridge, nothing is more satisfying for millions of Americans than skipping a night’s rest and heading to the mall as early as midnight.

Regardless of the impending mobs, warlike traffic, and the ever-elusive parking spot, Black Friday has become a glorified holiday of its own.
For those who plan to confront Black Friday headfirst, I would advise to not only have a solid plan of att ack but an open mind. Black Friday is created from hype, and without the proper mindset, all that hype can either make or break a shopper.

That $500 fl at screen TV that Walmart has been heavily advertising since Halloween will probably be sold out once you arrive, and those buy one, get one free Ralph Lauren cashmere sweaters at Macy’s will most likely only be available in an XXXL vomit green. Somehow, it seems that
no matt er how early you arrive at a Black Friday sale, a gaggle of women will get there long before you do. This is just one of the many inherent vices of the holiday. So stick to the less advertised sales for maximum Black Friday efficiency.

A mall parking lot packed before sunrise is a recipe for disaster on its own. Add in several caffeine-tweaked moms in Suburbans gungho about scoring a shopping cart full of $5 Barbies, all while fighting for a single parking spot and you have World War III. While some would see this as a prime example of why not to participate in the post-Thanksgiving ritual, I see it as a prime opportunity to sit back and enjoy the show. You are a seasoned professional, so you know better than that. Not being able to purchase a discounted radio is not the end of the world; plus, it will probably be even cheaper come Dec. 26. Lack of sleep and insufficient meals will also lead to a poor attitude, so pack lots of snacks in order to avoid wrestling any sales clerks in aisle six.

What have we learned? Picking less-advertised sales, bringing a few granola bars, and most importantly, having the correct state of mind, is a sure-fire recipe for Black Friday success. Even if you don’t bring home the world’s best deal on a lawn mower, at least you will be the one telling stories of enraged shoppers foaming at the mouth instead of being in the stories told around a stranger’s Christmas tree.

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