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Brushing extends submission deadline

After a late start this semester, Rollins’ annual literary journal Brushing has extended its deadline from March 1 to March 10. The publication opened its initial call for submissions on December 19 via a campus-wide e-mail. In previous years, the journal has sent out e-mails for submissions starting late in the fall semester, with the deadline generally falling around the start of winter break.

Carter Richard ’17, Editor-in-Chief of Brushing, discussed this year’s deadline extension in light of the initial date of the call for submissions. “This was admittedly later than the planned date to open submissions, due to my own error in obtaining access permissions to the Brushing organizational e-mail account,” he said. “Because of the CICI policy instituted last year on campus-wide e-mails, students are not allowed to send such e-mails from their personal accounts, and are required to access their organizational accounts. Thankfully, the Rollins IT department was very responsive and helpful in resolving the issue.”

The journal extended the deadline in order to give writers and artists more opportunities to submit their work, Richard said, though the academic calendar was also taken into consideration when deciding upon a new deadline. He added, “It also felt appropriate given the current academic calendar to end submissions just before spring break, rather than on the first of the month.”

Despite the late start this spring, the journal expects this year’s issue to hit shelves around the same time as originally planned. “Although we must allot a few weeks for print time, the publication will be sent to print ‘when it’s done’,” Richard said.

As for how he will make up for lost time, Richard stresses the importance of the quality of the content the journal delivers. “My priority as the E.I.C. is to ensure that we are working with our submissions’ authors to deliver a quality publication that is worthy of their talent,” Richard said. This year’s edition is expected to be released around mid-to-late April.

According to its website, Brushing publishes “a unique blend of traditional and experimental creative forms of both art and literature.” Each year, the journal has a theme for the issue, with this year’s theme being “Windows.” Short stories, fiction, poems, nonfiction, photographs, and other forms of visual art from Rollins students and people in the Central Florida area may be submitted with a cover letter via e-mail to

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