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Café for Hipsters: Stardust Cafe

If you are looking for a quaint atmosphere, Stardust café is the right place. With indie music and ironically named food, you are guaranteed an experience you will want to repeat.

Granted, the building was made of concrete and not celestial matter, but the place is still out of this world. When I want to escape, I find it far more relaxing to ease up on my wallet and heels in exchange for solid music and good company. I may stumble into Austin’s Coffee, or grab some lunch and hit the dock with some pals. But, either way, I’m going out for atmosphere. Stardust Video & Coffee, in this respect, has earned its name for being all atmosphere.

Having finished a group mobile app project for International Business, my group decided it necessary to reward ourselves with an outing. Especially on a weeknight, when Stardust was having comedy starting at 9:23 PM. So, we did, and we got a night to remember. Consistent with online reviews (3.9 on Urbanspoon, 4 on Yelp) and my outlandish expectations, the interior was fantastic: classic books, records, and lights lining every surface. The café is walk-in and you order at the main counter—this also provides the opportunity to get take-out as necessary. As usual, I was the last to order: soy hot chocolate and a grinderman sandwich (chicken, pesto, hot sauce, and goat cheese). It was perfect. Even my friend who ordered a Caesar salad was impressed.

Make sure to bring dollars for the photo booth and maybe a few for food, because the prices are affordable and quality. Think Farmer’s Market meets Starbucks. There is a variety of sandwiches, salads, teas, “booze snacks and random fare” and accommodating Vegan options. The foods have great names such as ‘Eddie’s Speedo”, “Vote for Pedro,” and “Ironic Slogan.” Like Napoleon, it’s dynamite. Anyone with a craving for good food for eating and for thought can immediately feel at home here. Sunday brunch from 11-3PM is also a fan-favorite giving new selections every week.

Anyone with a craving for good food for eating and for thought can immediately feel at home here.

As the night progressed, an array of indie and alternative music played. Lanterns were strung above the dining room, with flowers and plants in cans served as quaint centerpieces. If Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram had a culinary lovechild: it would nestle with various teas in a French press in the trendy cave of Stardust. Facial hair is optional.

As for the comedians, they just added to the diverse and personal experience of a Stardust trip. The night offered a bucket of stories and the memories made were tied together by a grade-A hole in the wall. The seven minute drive to Stardust is well.

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